When was the last time you did something for the first time?


It’s easy to fall into routines, doing the same things every day. “Stop alarm, peel self out off bed, shower, head out to commit 8 hours of the day to being some place we really rather not be.  Leave, go home, sleep and…… REPEAT.”  Its like our lives are on a never ending loop.

Now don’t get me wrong, routines do help keep our lives in check but I know I need a little more than a cherry on top to spice up my life. Do you know what  I mean?  At some point you’re going to wake up and feel like your life is boring or your day is way too predictable.  And at that point what, and I seriously mean what are you going to do?  Shave your hair low dye it purple and force everyone to call you Mufasa?
Well if that’s what floats your boat by all means do not let me stop you. But for those out there who want to keep their jobs or who would prefer their parents keep their sanity, have no fear simpler ways are there.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?  Adding something totally new and positive to your life can improve your day to day moods. The great thing about  it is it can be however big or small you would like. You could be that girl who always goes for Cabi-o-Lait by Essie at the nail salon. Next time why not try Thigh High?  Or you may be the guy who wears plain button down tops, mix it up, try a print, what do you have to lose?
I won’t lie, it is intimidating to try super new exciting things like our friend Mufasa but never forget; do what makes YOU happy and move at your own pace. Maybe one day you’ll shave your head and only wear red and make us all call you Simba.

But before we refer to you as Simba, take it slow.Try a new drink. One that you never thought you would, like a Neiltini. Eat some calamari or crab stuffed chicken instead of your usual mac and cheese dinners. Watch a different type of movie, heck even start by combing your hair different. Do what ever feels different. Anything as long as its new. Now go on, go out there and have another first time. Trust me you are going to like it and hey, do me a favor,  really try it.


Crab stuffed chicken from Fromage Gourmet Market in Jamaica.  A first for me and I liked it. It was new cuisine within a new atmosphere. I went with a new friend and our dinner together really opened the gates of our friendship and made us closer.


My first Neiltini from CRU bar in Jamaica. I was excited to try a new drink and oh my god it was delicious. Completely worth it. I went with old friends both near and far where we caught up over dinner and had an old fashioned #GNO . Even though I’ve been to CRU before and chit chatted with the girls before, simply ordering something new kept me out of my usual rut.

I’ve had my first kiss, first love and my first designer bag. I’m thirsty for more firsts, are you?
Let me know if you’ve taken a new step and had another first.

Main picture from weheartit.com



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