Are we there yet?


Have you ever sat down and planned out your life? “Okay I’m going to graduate in a year, find the perfect job in my field of study, get promoted to manager in 3 years when they see how determined I am. I should get engaged within 2 years, have kids in 5, start my own business before I turn 35 and save enough money so my family can take regular vacays.” I must admit I am guilty of this, after all there is nothing wrong with setting goals.  Let’s fast forward to the year you graduate, you would probably be excited because your plan is coming into place and you can move on to the next step, the perfect job.


You hit an obstacle. “I’m sorry we don’t have that position available, but we will keep your resume on file and let you know if anything opens up.” So you go out and you try to get another job. It’s not your perfect job but you accept it for what it is and you try to make it work. Back to the drawing board, plan B. Now you say in 5 years I’ll be a manager and have kids in the next 10. You stay positive for the first year and the second, but when the third year rolls around you’re kind of in the rut of things and ready to give up. It gets even harder now that we have Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Every couple of months a friend is making it big, or someone else just got engaged or you’re sending congrats on the new baby, “he’s beautiful.” It seems like everyone around you stayed true to their game plan. Seeing all of that progress makes us wonder, are we there yet?

Okay so its year 3 and you feel stagnant, are you going stare at the stop sign for the rest of your life or are you going to inch out and make a move in the right direction. If you’re feeling stagnant then do something about it. It’s time to get active. So you may have had set backs, big deal. If you can dream it you can do it – Walt Disney. You want that perfect job?  Apply to multiple companies, big ones, small ones, near ones and far ones. If you dip your hand in a bag of 70 red beads and 10 blue your chance of grabbing a red is much greater. Do not limit your choices, it only limits your plan. You want to get married? That right somebody won’t find you at home on your couch, unless you’re into home invasions, hey none of my business; but if you want that marriage to be apart of your plan you have to put your self out there, way out there, try online dating, or going for someone you wouldn’t normally. Sometimes we find love in the strangest places. Hey and don’t worry about those guys on Instagram. Life isn’t a competition, It doesn’t end when you reach a certain age. You don’t  fill out a form asking what have you achieved thus far.  Focus on you and how to dream real.

Pssssst! Listen closely I have a secret, Usain Bolt wasn’t always the fastest man in the world. Did you know he throws up everyday at training  and if he doesn’t he knows he didn’t work hard. Your comfort zone can’t exist anymore, it will limit you.

Life will always come with obstacles and it’s up to us to stay proactive and beat it. One day we’ll move from, are we there yet? to thank God we made it!


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