DIY : Sweet honey beauty scrub


I live a DIY lifestyle. I do my own hair, nails, make-up I’m even my own seamstress at times. I love the satisfaction of doing things exactly my way with the products I love. So it’s no surprise I create my own beauty tricks and products. OMG! Am I a control freak? Talk about OCD.

If you’re like me you take pride in your appearance. You always want to show the world that you’re at your best. The only way for us to be at our best is to ensure we are taking care of ourselves. We thank the fashion and cosmetics gods for providing us with amazing brands that help us look red carpet ready, but putting Chanel on a trash can does not a model make. Perfection runs foundation deep and no I’m not talking about Revlon Colorstay, I’m speaking about your skin. We need a healthy surface which shows our beauty actually runs skin deep. It is quite easy to bake and strobe our faces making us contenders with the Kim K’s of this world, but if you really are like me sometimes my bare face is good enough so I make sure it’s in mint condition. I’m going to give you a #Leveridgelifelesson on how to keep your natural skin in tip top shape with my DIY sweet honey beauty scrub.

DIY : Sweet honey beauty scrub

  • 2-3 tbsp brown sugar
  •  2 tbsp honey
  • 1-3 tsp lemon juice

 In a small glass bowl combine sugar, honey and lemon juice. Mix contents to a uniform consistency (modify measurements for your ideal thickness). Place sweet honey beauty scrub on clean skin or lips and gently exfoliate surface. Use a warm wash cloth to remove the scrub off face and lips.  End with any natural oil  which will help lock in moisture and condition lips or use a gentle moisturizer to help revive skin. A great moisturizer to use is the Simple®  kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser which I use religiously.







The sugar in the scrub helps to move the mixture around and actively remove dead skin. The lemon provides the force which loosens dead aged skin cells along with brightening its surface. The honey helps to cleanse pores and fade scars. Combining these ingredients provides us with a powerful natural skin care option which leaves us fully in the know, richer and beautiful.


Let me know if you get the chance to try out the Sweet Honey Beauty Scrub. I would love to hear your stories. I wonder if you’ll have a hard time not eating the scrub like I did.



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