I Died In The 1950’s


First things first, I’m not a ghost trying to communicate from the other side.  I can assure you I am still living.  I must admit the title is a bit misleading, but don’t worry I will explain.

I love the early to mid 1900’s.  The era of glamour, the inception of the Met Gala, the 1950’s.  I love that quintessential Old Hollywood glam.  The fashion back then was to die for.  The events were nothing short of royal affairs. The music was romantic.  Ladies were glamorous and silhouettes were feminine and beautiful.  I get so in tuned watching period pieces it makes me believe I must have once lived and died in the 1950’s.

I am not one for movies.  Generally I hate them because I have the attention span of a ginger haired mermaid.  Exactly, none! The movies I’ve seen are ridiculously predictable so I generally put them off. But thanks to Netflix and my sick obsession of the golden age, old movies are now my comfort.  Before Netflix I would not have found all the old movies I now love. I got the opportunity to watch them and oh, did I mention I love them?

Being a typical girl I had to see what the fuss was about pertaining to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  I watched it and found the fuss and jumped right on the bandwagon.  The fashion was fabulous and Miss Golightly inspired me in her quest to truly live her life despite her past.  It made me fall in love with New York and I have never been, talk about long distance relationship. Watching that movie made me wonder if  Audrey was really that great of an actress as every one claims. Yes, yes she is. Her roles in Sabrina and Roman’s Holiday were flawlessly executed. It wasn’t just her either, her co-starts were marvelous.

“Paul Varjak! V-A-R-J-A sigh.  Mr. Berman, it’s Fred.”

“Oh! Fred baby.”

Spoiler!  A little line from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, exchanged between actors George Peppard and Martin Balsam.  The casting of each movie was a perfect blend of talent and opulence.

I also stumbled on a few Marilyn Monroe films where she did not disappoint.  I felt connected to her as a person, even before my love of old movies.  We shared the same birthday (June 1)  and my mother’s middle name is Marilyn.  I know I’m not her reincarnate but I felt connected for some reason.  I thought she was beautiful in every aspect of her life.  Physically and spiritually.  She was an elegant woman.   She was a true movie star.  Commanding the sidewalks wherever she ventured, not to mention her roles in films.  Though I and her both, from what I’ve read and watched, questioned the parts she got, believing she could have been greater if she got sundry roles but none the less I adored her in all her glamour. 

I was literally star struck the first time I ever watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  The opening number took my breath away, my jaw actually dropped.  Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in light of a better word ‘slayed’ .  That movie made me reevaluate my life, style and attitude. I wanted to be glamorous and lady like just like them. I think it really is my favourite movie thus far.

If you ever get a chance to watch a good old movie seriously try Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it’s one for the ages.

If not here are some more to choose from:

  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • How to Marry a Millionaire
  • Funny Face
  • Sabrina
  • Roman’s Holiday
  • The Seven Year Itch
  • An Affair to Remember

GentlemenPreferBlondes.MM.JRGentlemen Prefer Blondes

funny faceFunny Face 

Breakfast at Tiffanys01Breakfast at Tiffany’s

HowtoMarryaMillionaireHow to Marry a Millionaire 

If you do get a chance to watch these movies I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by #LeveridgedLives, I hope you have a lovely day =}

Photos by: Shorpy, Bellecs, others provided through google images


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