D.I.Y: The Perfect Home Art for Any Home Style

DIY home art816

I have the creative bug.  The one where all I want to do is make/design something or give something a new purpose.  I like being able to create things, because if I don’t have something I can either get some materials and do it myself or I can use an old item to create what I want.  I once made a cuffed ring from an old earing.  I really like making stuff with my own two hands.  Normal persons may see their glass half empty or half full, where I see a glass that could be a cute make-up brush holder or a cotton ball holder.  I do have quite the imagination.

I get really passionate about interior design.  I would binge watch HGTV.  I loved that each designer had their own aesthetic but tied their style to their clients style.  It made me see that each and everyone of us has personal preferences. I might like abstract art while you might like scenic paintings. I am no interior designer, well at least not yet but I have a quick and easy project to help you make your space speak more to your style.

What you will need :

  • Blank paper/ printing paper
  • Picture frames
  •  Fine point marker (your choice of colour)
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Laptop, tablet, computer monitor  

(All art supplies can be found in your local art store.  Picture frames may be found on Amazon.com)

D.I.Y Home Art for Any Style

First thing first, find an image you like.  It may be text or pictures of animals.  Save the image on your device or PC.  Re-size the picture by increasing zoom or decreasing zoom to the desired size you’d like.  If your hands are steady enough you can simply trace the image onto the paper without taping, but if not you should tape down the sides of the paper to help it stay in place while you trace.  Use a pencil to trace the image first.  After you have traced with a pencil and you like what you have done so far you may go over it with a fine point marker.  When you’re finished outlining you could place your work in the picture frame and hang or display it in what ever way you please.

If you found a picture you like but it might be too intricate to trace you can always re-size the photo and print it.  Sometimes the printing pages might be larger than the picture frame you chose, simply cut the paper to fit into the frame.  Easy peasy!

DIY home art798

DIY home art819

DIY home art822

DIY home art823 DIY home art827

I hope you get a chance to try out this project.  It’s really quick and simple plus it’s something fun to do over long summer days.  You can always mix it up.  Have friends over and ask them to write positive things or what they love most about you and frame it or find a cool portrait of a tree and add your family members names to it, the possibilities are huge.  I once had a framed mirror that broke, I simply put a large piece of cartridge paper in it and wrote encouraging words on it.  Anything can be art, “once you have imagination” Spongebob reference. 

DIY home art826

Thank you so much for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. Hope you enjoyed this D.I.Y. 

Photographs taken by F. Blake


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