Status update: OFFLINE👤


Okay I’m going to predict something. I predict that you are reading, reading on some sort of device. A laptop, hmmn a cell phone!  Maybe a desktop? Was I right? No question I was. Our generation does everything online. We shop, well not the Carry’s of the world, it’s still my cardio. We do homework, check our bank accounts and catch up with friends online. If we can think of it, it’s probably available online. We are the ASAP people. We want everything as soon as possible. We get sucked into fast living that we hardly pay attention to the world around us. “Hey did you see the sunset yesterday, it was beautiful.”

“Oh yeah, I saw it on Robyn’s  Instagram.”  Almost all our conversations begin with ‘so I was online….’ 

Could you imagine having no internet connection or even data service for a couple of hours? What about days? You’re probably condemning me for saying such things and I get it.  But it is doable. I did it for a whole weekend.  Guess what, I survived. Now let’s clear the air, I didn’t sit at home staring at the ceiling for two days. I went on a mini vacation. It was much easier to stay away from screens when occupied with the beauty of the world and my little island is beautiful. I took a trip to Negril where I had one of the best times of my life. Negril is beautiful and I went with an amazing person, my boyfriend.  Let’s nick name him Mr.B.  We went to celebrate our  eighth anniversary. I was determined not to look on a screen this weekend, to give my all to him.

The journey from Kingston gives your mind a little time to detox from the internet.  We spoke the whole way to Negril barley giving me time to check my phone.  I’m so glad I went offline. I got to take in the beauty of the country side and my surroundings. While in Negril we went to Ricks Cafe and Margarita Ville along with a few other spots. We only had lunch at Ricks Cafe. Ricks Cafe has breath taking views of the Caribbean Sea and a truly unforgettable sunset, but we didn’t see the sunset due to the weather. They also host cliffs where patrons are allowed to jump off and into the sea, bringing men and women back to their primitive instincts. It was really fun relaxing and spectating some jumps. I really got to experience Ricks Cafe. I didn’t have my phone to distract me. But that wasn’t so for the other visitors. Let’s just say I saw many a selfie stick. They would get caught up in the perfect pose for Instagram that they missed some very cool cliff diving action. If only we could pause and rewind life so we wouldn’t miss a beat.

The sands of Negril are beautiful and white, and the ocean was so clear. We went to Margarita Ville beach bar and grill for a little fun in the sea. Mr.B and I went in and never wanted to come out. I would travel to Negril all over again just to go to the beach. Once again I would see persons head bowed deeply focused on their cell phones. I thought that would have been me, caught up in the latest blog post on bloglovin to even test the waters. Which were seriously amazing. I was even more grateful that I didn’t even touch my phone because the beach day was cut short by the rain. So I might have missed it. For those who didn’t get into the water you really missed out.  Mr.B and I spoke so well that weekend.  After eight years there isn’t much you wouldn’t know about each other so it wasn’t a getting to know you weekend. We simply had great conversations. We laughed and smiled and hugged so much. Take me back! I would redo everything in a heartbeat.

Offline443 Offline456 Offline485 Offline490 Offline491 Offline513 Offline526 Offline527 Offline528 Offline537

Here’s my suggestion to you. Update your status to OFFLINE, turn off the WiFi and switch off the data. Forget about the selfie and go and enjoy life. It’s happening right now. Really look at the people around you and listen to their views. Just for a couple of hours. You will feel so much more at ease when you’re through.

Thank you so much for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}.Hope you’re enjoying our beautiful world.

Have a great day!

Photographs taken by F. Blake



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