Never Make A Bad Decision Again


What is the driving force behind your decisions?  You know, the one defining thing that results in you choosing Pistachio over Cookies & Cream at the ice-cream parlor. Or the little nudge that makes you take the left at the stop light instead of the right.  You may make these decisions on pure whim. Or so you think.  It’s actually a well thought out process carried out by an intellegent agent. Dun dun duuun!  Your gut. That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach telling you stop or go. Yah you know the one. That is a “gut feeling” and it is super important.

When you’re faced with tough decisions the best place to seek advice is indeed your self. As cliche as it may sound you know your self better  than any one. I am trying to keep my blog up and running by posting religiously twice a week. Hopefully you guys will understand that things may happen and I may not get to post every Wednsday or Saturday, but I try to get two posts up every week. Last week I didn’t post at all. I had pieces ready to post but they just didn’t feel right.  I really wanted to keep my two posts a week schedule but something was weird. I had that gut feeling to not post. I listened to my gut because I knew that was the right choice.

Im sure you’ve had that feeling too. When you are out late and you’re wondering whether or not you should split a cab with a friend or bum a ride with a guy you just met. Well my gut says split the cab and I’m not even apart of this hypothetical, but you do you i’m just here listening to my gut. They’re are times when the choice seems so obvious but sometimes we make the wrong decision. You have to have faith in your insticts. Never make a bad decision again just trust your gut.


Now guys please do not mix up your gas bubbles with your gut instinct. In some instances the ‘gut feeling’ may be an actual feeling but for the most part it is the little shoulder angel guiding you along the right path. Your body stores so much information in your subconcious and your ‘gut’ remembers everything. So the next time you’re in a situation and a little voice is telling you no or to leave, it’s safe to say you should listen. It may very well and be life saving.

Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. Never make a bad decision again, just listen to your good old gut.

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