The Best Natural Beauty Product


Aloe vera is one of the best natural beauty products to ever exist on this earth! I believe one hundred percent in this plant and its powers. Beauty companies around the world try to incorporate the mighty plant into their products constantly. I can’t walk down the beauty product isle in the drugstore without seeing ‘with aloe extract.’ Seriously, it is everywhere and with good reason. Aloe Vera is good for your skin, hair and all the fixings of your innards. Yes, I just went country western on ya. Cough cough, bring it back.


Aloe Vera has been a part of my skin care routine for as long as I can remember. My mother would rub the gel all over my legs, arms and face when I was younger. I used to be a little tomboy so I constantly had cuts and bruises on my legs, not to mention the fact that I grew up in Jamaica where mosquitoes are next in line to be our national animal. The point is my skin wasn’t in the greatest state when I was younger but my mom revitalized my skin by constantly rubbing me with the aloe gel. I guess mothers really know best. Your skin will heal quicker if it is in a healthy state. That’s why we wash, exfoliate, peel and God knows what else to our faces so we may appear youthful. Aloe helps to soften skin along with strengthening its tissues making for more healthy and vibrant skin. By softening our skin and infusing oxygen, the Aloe Vera’s vitamins help to replenish our birthday suit. 


Seeing the great effects Aloe Vera had on my skin pushed me to check out what other beauty tricks it could be used for. I decided to rub it in my hair. My hair has a love hate relationship with me. Today it would look Hollywood ready and tomorrow it would look like I’ve been roaming the Sahara Desert without a hat.  I am a strong believer in hot oil treatments and deep conditioning hair treatments, and one day I just added a few chunks of aloe gel under a steam cap and left it to work its magic.  I felt a difference immediately but saw results after a few more uses.   Aloe is very good with restoring moisture to hair.  It also helps to restore your hairs shine and strength.  You can read more about Aloe Vera hair benefits here.

The next awesome way to use Aloe Vera is by ingesting it.  Now I do not eat the Aloe plants gel with my morning breakfast or even with supper.  It is bitter.  Super, super, super bitter.  However I have ingested it in its natural gelly form because it helps regulate your digestive tract and helps with cramps, ladies I’m talking to you.  The upside to adding Aloe to your diet is that many companies have developed Aloe juice or Aloe water which is actually quite palatable.  So no worries of feeling sick or regret after your Aloe dosage.  By drinking aloe it will improve your skin and hair by working from the inside out.  It’s kind of like taking supplements.  It’s not recommended for daily intake because you will literally shit your self, pardon my French.  So like any good thing take it in strides.


I believe Aloe Vera is the best natural beauty product.  It has so much benefits to the human body, you would be crazy not to at least try it once.   Here has some great information on the uses of Aloe Vera.  My blog posts have been truthful, every last one, I wouldn’t lie now.  I literally use Aloe Vera all the time.  I recommend it to my friends because it works and I have seen and felt the effects.  Plus its super cheap, you know being a naturally occurring plant, one could say basically no money down.  I know a few people who hate the smell of the natural plant and you may fall into that category, luckily there are products with Aloe Vera as a key ingredient so you can access the great benefits.  Do not miss out on this amazing beauty opportunity. Just get a little of that Aloe Vera gelly and go HAM!

Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. I would love to hear the ways you use Aloe Vera.

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  1. I love this! I’ve been trying to find the right skincare products because I’ve really been neglecting my skin especially my face. Definitely gonna go make a aloe haul this week. Idk why I never thought of it sooner.
    Thanks ma! #LeveridgedLives

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