The Best Summer Ever: My Summer Round Up


It’s winding down to back to school and the colder seasons are approaching.  We have to pack up our swim suits and shorts and trade them in for back packs and cardigans.  Oh those glorious days of lounging about with out a care in the world with the radio chimed into the hit summer song.   I’m sure you’re going to miss those late nights hanging with your best friends and talking till the sun comes up.   Wow summer 2015 you were magical….. to some.   My summer was nothing like that. Let me tell you about it.

I finished my last exam on a Wednesday in May super excited to finally sleep.  Me being a science major and it being exam time I did little sleeping.   I was sooo ready to enjoy my summer, then I checked my email.  You have been accepted into our summer mentorship program…”    Sigh, I guess  I can wait a little for my salty hair and sandy toes.   I worked for five weeks where I literally counted the days till the end.   I couldn’t wait to be free!  Negril every week.  Porti here I come. Then my phone rang    “We would like to extend your time in the summer mentourship program.”   I won’t turn down the job experience, but secretly I wasn’t about to turn down the pay.

Can you imagine ten weeks of waking up at six thirty to go to work while all of your friends are steady counting ZzZzs until one or two o’clock.   Sigh.   I still got August I said and its going to be amazing.   I waited and waited for my final week, the tenth and glorious week and then, you guessed it, my phone rang.   We would like to…..  you got it it by now.   It’s a good thing I’m not a psychic because none of predictions came true.   At this point I was so tired.   Working right after school and then I would work right until it re opens.   This clearly has been the best summer ever.

I got relieved a week before school.   A breath of fresh air, I was finally on summer holiday.    A whole week to myself.   The world is my oyster from August twenty first to August thirtieth.   But all I really wanted to do was sleep.   I found great joy knowing that on Monday when my six thirty alarm goes off I can roll over, turn it off and go right back to bed.   There is something magical in that moment.   I have been home for my summer vacay, because Mr.B went out of the country and my friends had lives of their own and I wasn’t a major factor.

So what did I do on my summer vacay?   I watched Sex and The City all day long #myalltimefavoriteshow, checked a lot of emails and got ready for back to school.   All in all simply being able to stay in bed until nine was rewarding enough. Now I did go out a little during the summer.   Remember I went #Offline and I went out with friends a few times.   It’s funny how we always set out to have great tumblr styled summers but then life happens.


Thank you so much for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. I hope your summer was better than mine!



  1. Another awesome article. Well done. 🙂 I’m a Sex and The City fan too, can also relate to being able to stop that 6:30 alarm and go back to sleep, magical indeed (my alarm is 5, so you can just imagine)
    Would have loved to visit the beach this summer but it was not in the cards maybe next time.
    Congrats on your successful mentorship summer program and keep up the good work with your awesome blog.


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