5 Random Facts To Kick Start A Great Conversation

I love random facts. I feel like having random  knowledge makes me a more interesting person.  Other persons might not view it that way but I think speaking to a person who has eaten traditional  Asian cuisine or someone who has actually walked on the great wall is more interesting than well, me.  So I have to find ways to make myself appear more interesting so I collect facts to generally not bore you to do death.  Plus partaking in a conversation that steers away from the regular crap we talk about is refreshing .
I don’t know if its the little cocooned nerd in me but I love leaving a conversation or a place with new knowledge to add to my brain bank.  Random facts may also serve as ice breakers when you’re in that awkward place left with nothing to say.  When you drop your knowledge bomb it opens a whole new window with an outpoor of questions to follow.  Your facts may rustle some feathers and get the brain wheels churning or it may start a riverting verbal war, either way it got you speaking.  So I have put together 5 random facts to kick start a great conversation.

Here we go…

1.The Eiffel Tower was sold twice!


 In 1925, France had recovered from World War I, and Paris was booming, an excellent environment for a con artist.  Lustig’s master con came to him one spring day when he was reading a newspaper.  An article discussed the problems the city was having maintaining the Eiffel Tower.  Even keeping it painted was an expensive chore, and the tower was becoming somewhat run down.  Lustig saw the possibilities behind this article and developed a remarkable scheme to sell the tower. Find out he pulled it of here.

2. Pilots in the same fleet don’t eat the same meat. 


When its meal time on a flight we have the appetizng options of fish or chicken.  Our captains and co captains don’t have the same luck.  The pilot and co pilots on flights do not partake in the same edible delicacies.  This happens because one meal option might be contaminated or poisoned.  So to avoid any mayday calls they eat separate meals.

3.Would you care for some tea?


 This one hits close to home because I am a tea lover.  A thrifty tea merchant from New York named Thomas Sullivan is credited with inventing the first tea bag in 1908.  Looking to save money, Sullivan reportedly distributed small samples of tea in silk bags instead of little metal tins.  Thank you Mr. Sullivan for perfecting the tea portion.

4.Mad as a Hatter. 


This one is quite literal.  Back in the long time ago when people used to wear hats. They weren’t mass produced by a factory but were made by an actual hatter.  The hatter community began to deminish due to the number of them who went crazy.  They literally went mad because of continuous exposure to Mercury that was used in the hat making business. 

5.  3 Million people have something in common. 


It is said the average number of first dates is 3 Million per day worldwide and if you’re planning on having one today you can use any of these facts to break the ice.  If you need anymore there are a lot of sites and webpages  with random facts like here.

Thank you so much for stoping by #LeveridgedLives =}. I hope you left a little more knowledgeable. 

Pictures 2-5 found on weheartit


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