How Dare You

How dare you! How dare you judge me based on the clothes I wear or the words I speak.  What makes you entitled to criticize my every move.  It must be that you provided me with the breath I breath and the currency’s for my bills.  However last time I checked this wasn’t the case.  But, you must serve as an important figure in my life because you feel your opinion on how I live is gospel.

In that case I’m sorry for making you feel the need to publicly chastise me because I sin differently from you.  Since you have been my guardian angel thank you for the past.  Thank you for staying in your home attending to your life while I would come home from long school days to bathe and care for my grandparents before I turned sixteen.  And for being there all the times I’ve cried at night into my pillow so that I wouldn’t wake my family.  Or all the years I sat wanting fatherly advice or just wishing for one more conversation though he is dead.

It warms my heart to know you were steady sleeping while I stayed up studying, or the lunch times I braved alone while I fought emtional demons. But why is it that you lived quietly while I made achievements in my life.  You closed your eyes when I graduated high school and when I got the highest grade in my class?  But at least you showed up to judge my character.  Atleast you spewed your false tongue to add a chip on your shoulder.  So to criticize me because of the clothes I wear or the words I speak. 

I don’t appreciate your strength when your opinion never mattered.  I don’t care for your thoughts in  a life that isn’t yours.  Do you think of the consquences your tongue of nine tails has left on me? The opened wounds you are forcing me to strugle with.  How dare you cast lies on my life while I focus on improving.  How dare you!  How dare you judge me because of the clothes I wear or the words I speak!

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  1. Congratulation!!!!:) Another brilliant and well written piece, you are so gifted, so talented, so open and honest when you write, please continue doing what you do. On another note, it seems you were a fly on the wall in my life yesterday because this article speaks about what was happening to me in such shocking similarity. It’s amazing how quickly they judge us when they know not what we’ve been through and was never their to lend a helping hand.
    Anyway, thanks again for making my day, looking forward to more leveridgedlives!!:)

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