Create Your Identity

We must have an identity.  Yes no one else in the world will be you, but that’s not the type of identity I’m speaking of.  We must develop traits that are specific to us.  While I don’t like to be defined I have come to realise that these very parameters help us to manifest personal character.  They help us to choose our morals.  We can’t go through life as generic plastic bags drifting through the wind.  Because if we live life as wanderers we will always have a sense of longing and questioning.  Is this good for me?  Can I make this work?  Should I do that?  This is why we should identify with things, places and people to get rid of the what ifs in life.

I recently watched a couple of interviews that made me question myself.  Not in the sense of whether or not I will be good at something but rather what do I believe in or stand for.  Though I think I went too deep into the context of the interviews, that was the message I took from it.  That I need to define Robyn Leveridge. What aspects of me make me stand out from the young adults I surround my self with.  While fitting in and having a sense of belonging is a beautiful thing in itself, I don’t identify with that.  Separation and individuality are parameters of my life.

Lately the works of Leandra Medine of Manrepeller and her team have been my obsession.  I find common ground when I read her posts or most recently watch her interviews, because she has clearly defined herself.  Her site stems from a look into her personal style and her “ideals” of how she repelled men.  The way she speaks and dresses screams Leandra Medine (though she is married she goes by her maiden name) as it should.  While watching her I felt inspired to strive to be such a specific figure in society.  In the same way you can identify the quilted pattern of a Chanel bag I want my work and my actions to say Robyn Leveridge or LeveridgedLives.

An identity is something we must have.  We all want an answer to that question, “who am I?”  At some point we must develop this identity, it doesn’t have to be all at once or in a day but frameworks should be progressed.  These are the building blocks of your personality.  You can start with your food options and then move unto the way you dress or even the type of shows you watch.  I must also point out that having a role model is a great way to summarize the traits you wish to posses, but you should strive to be like them not to be them. They have their lives and have created their identity.  You should pin point the attributes that made you become inspired by them and turn it into your own.

I for one identify with the glamour of the old world and its time.  I am a lover of history and facts, who will forever choose a stunningly tailored trouser over a well fitted dress, while sipping on some white wine listening to A$AP Rocky or Kendrick Lamar. Those are a few parameters of my life and one day I will define more but that’s all for now.

Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. May you go through life finishing the puzzle you designed.



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