DIY Make-Up Robe, It’s So Easy

Well hello there, welcome to LeveridgeLives.  Today I have a quick and easy DIY for you guys. It’s so easy you can do it in your sleep.  Well not really, unless you’re the worlds greatest sleepwalker.  But seriously guys it’s really easy.  How many times have you put on your make up, I mean beat your face to the cosmetic gods then your faced with the agony of trying to slip into your outfit without lipstick getting caught on it, or your mascara going rogue, because your top touched your eyes.  Even if you are skilled at dressing after make-up it’s still stressful fighting your top so that it doesn’t smudge your face.  Maybe you thought ahead and decided to get dressed first so you won’t have any struggles.  What about loose powder getting on your outfit when you set your make-up or literally a freak accident causing your bronzer powder to drop, distributing  the pigment all over your clothes.

All these scenarios point in one direction.  Make-up is a messy art so it’s only right to protect your clothes.  Whenever my friends and I plan a GNO my best friends tend to come over and get ready and do a lil chit chat.  One of my friends in particular gets real messy with the make up. Hello Margaret.  I would loan her my bath robe (which was white, silly me) to keep her outfits from getting messy.  The robe saved her dress and all but now I have a Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Cocoa collared robe.  At this point I knew I needed a make-up robe.  So I decided to make one and I’m going to tell you how.

What you will need

A large buttoned down top 

a long piece of ribbon or material of choice 

                       fabric glue                  

    ( you could raid your boyfriends, brothers, dads or friends closet)


How to make it

Pic an old shirt that is a little larger than you are so you may have free room to move around comfortably.  Ensure that the ribbon can be tied easily around your waist leaving excess to make a bow or a knot.  If the ribbon edges begin to fray burn the ends to seal  them.  Cut the ribbon so as to create two small loops.  Close the loops with the fabric glue.  Attach each loop on each side of the shirt where your waist would be with the fabric glue.  When everything is dried put the remaining ribbon through the loops, tie it around your waist and create beautiful art. 







Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgesLives =}. I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did. 

Photographs taken by F. Blake


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