Come and Exercise With Me! Seriously Come On


It’s the beginning of October which means it’s the start of a new month.  Woooooo!  Which also means it’s the begin of new adventures and possibilities.  I decided to turn October into Fitober. I’m going to dedicate everyday in October to health and fitness in some way.  I’m going to stick to my diet (Lord give me the strength)  and actually set out to stay on schedule with my work outs.  It’s not a matter of loosing pounds or trying to be sexy, even though that wouldn’t hurt.  It’s about being healthy.  Exercise keeps the body functioning at its best.  Plus eating right really improves how you feel, think and operate. 

I won’t be going HAM in the gym lifting hundred pound weights but, I won’t be walking around the block  once and calling that exercise.  One thing I am going to do just to follow the hype is the thirty-day squat challenge.  This challenge has been floating around the internet for years.   I thought of it in the same way we see all these girls on Instagram promoting the Skinny or Fit teas.  However doing the challenge forces me to exercise everyday.  I will be doing the challenge along with evening runs and a few workout videos.  The way I see it, if I’m going to do something I should do it right.


Here’s my dare to you, do this Fitober challenge with me.  Don’t wait until Monday or the never reaching tomorrow.  Take a stand and do it today.  Change up your diet and do a little bit more exercise.  We all want to prolong or lives on this earth but it wont happen if you keep eating those fries and guzzling soda.  I know this was sprung on you without warning or even a heads up but I think it’s a no brainer.  It’s your life.

We can do this guys.  Si se puede,  you know like in that Disney movie with the cheerleaders….  Whatever, off topic, but we can do it guys.  Switch out juices for water.  Try to drink the recommended amount.  Switch rice with potatoes or steamed vegetables.  Cook instead of ordering take-out.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  These things help.  I always try to take the stairs.  One summer I worked on the tenth floor and I would take the stairs up.  Granted my heart felt like it would give out when I reached the sixth floor, always the sixth floor.  But I did it anyway, that was my exercise in the days.  I always took the stairs to go down though, which was way easier.


I plan to show you ways to cheat the system so you won’t feel like a cow nom nomming on just grass.  I’m going to try to do recipes and work out tips to help you get on track and get fit.  I’ll update you everyday, pinky promise on twitter.  I will share picks and update you on the progress every week in a post.  I hope you guys take this initiative and come and exercise with me.

Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =} If you choose to take this  Fitober challenge with me please mention me in your tweet and comment on this and future Fitober posts.


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