How To Make Exercise Not Suck

When ever the topic of exercise comes up the general response is mmuuuhh ughhh.   It seems sooo boring and gross plus it leaves us tired.  Initially we say sure to a couple jumping jacks because in the back of our minds we think we’re fit and can mange a little extra motion.  Plus we aren’t happy with our physique most of the time, so we think that those ten crunches will have Victoria calling begging us to rip the runway.  I’m sure the Angels do more than a few crunches and jumping jacks.  But what pushes them to keep exercising other than the $$$$$.  They found ways to mak it enjoyable.  I genuinely love physical activities but my laziness outweighs it. Whenever I exercise with a new group I’m a little uncomfortable because it’s so generic.  “Okay hold those squats for ten, nine, eight…. “ and on.  I mean entice me. Make me want to come back to your gym and train with you.  That’s why Zumba and Hip-Hop classes have such a following, because it’s different from the  usual Gilad work outs.  For those of us who can’t make it to a Zumba class I’m going to give you some #LeveridgedLessons to make exercise a bit more fun.


Work out with a friend.  Have someone  else suffer with you during a work out while you share a laugh with each other about the pains you’re feeling in the muscles you never knew you had. Your friend can also motivate you to push through a few more leg raises because you know you would have stopped at five.

Ensure you’re comfortable while you work out.  If you prefer shorts and a sports bra over sweatpants and a T then do you. When I work out I have to be borderline naked, If I can I’d work out barefoot.  I take off all of my jewelry when I exercise.  That’s how I feel comfortable. Not to mention having water in short distance.  It’s best to keep hydrated during exercise.  I don’t know some medical reason I guess.  All I know is water helps when the burn sets in. 

Add some music.  Everyone loves music! Seriously who doesn’t?  Who?  Music makes life better. Pick a genre and lift to it.  Whether it is Gospel, Country, Trap or R&B. Find your favourite songs and do some squat thrusts.  Music distracts your mind from the build up of lactic acids which causes the burning in the muscles all while giving a you the extra boost to finish  the rep.

Set goals.  Today you did fifty squats tomorrow do sixty.  We humans are naturally competitive even with ourselves.  This helps us to stay on track and work harder.  You can set any goal you want.  It could be to increase your rep count or to beat your friends count.  Equally you can set physical goals.  Take measurements  of  the different parts of your body and compare the measurements every week to see if it slimed down or bulked up depending on your goal.  Even take pictures and do a side by side.  The minute you see a hint of that V-cut you won’t want to stop.


These were a few ways to ensure exercising does not suck.  remember to keep up with me in #Fitober.  I’m updating you guys on twitter and  Image result for pink snapchat logo@robleveridge  too.  If you decide to join me don’t forget to mention me.  Please like and share. I hope you liked this #LeveridgedLesson.

Thank you so much for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. I hope this pushed you to take the initiative to get fit. Wooooo #Fitober!


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