Act Like A Lady. Dress Like A Man

Being a female doesn’t mean being feminine.  While being a lady doesn’t mean only wearing dresses and florals. The modern woman can enjoy the fact that she has an opinion, by having a sense of style. In today’s world inspiration is drawn from literally anything.  From Moschinos play with youthful icons to Chanel’s trip down the runway, literally (have you seen the Chanel SS16 collection? Talk about cabin fever.)  In recent cases inspiration has been drawn from our cosmic opposite.  The other gender. Men envy women’s fashion while women are looking for new gateways to customize menswear.  The more and more fashion evolves we see the outlines of gender slipping.  Designer Marc Jacobs has his fair share of skirts and dresses which could be his staple, while we see more women in cigarette trousers and over sized blazers.

Women may choose the menswear trend simple because  it’s a trend and they’re just rolling with the punches, or they may have a deeper psychological reason.  I for one am guilty of loving the mens wear style. The sharp collars and great blazer does something to me.  The streamline appearance of a mens tailored suit is a form of art in my eyes.  I was never one to follow the crowd.  I tried my hardest to rebel within the categories society would put me.  I hated dresses because girls wore dresses.  I chose karate over dancing when all the other girls chose dance class and was the only girl in the karate class.  From an early age I decided to choose my on path, to have my own identity.  So by hating skirts and dresses I fell in love with trousers and blazers.  I grew up as a tomboy if you couldn’t tell. 


I not only love the polished mens style of suits and ties. Running errands in an oversized T and some skinny jeans feels great. Throw in some patent oxfords and my day is made.  Thank God I have a brother and boyfriend in my life.  I draw inspirations from them, but the best part is borrowing  (really taking) their clothes.  It’s a personal choice to love mens wear and some women can’t fathom life without their body hugging dresses.  I love my body with all its glorious flaws.  I feel sexy in a great bodycon dress and heels OR a pair of trousers and sneaks.  Plus who says you can’t mix a masculine trend with a feminine touch?   Give me some single soul heels and trousers and my confidence is through the roof.






Thank you so much for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. I’d love to see your take on the menswear style.

Photographs by F. Blake



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