Stay True to Yourself


My friends made plans to go out to a new restaurant bar place  and it got me pretty excited.    A chance to dress to the nines, who wouldn’t  love that.   Any opportunity I have to dress up is a great one in my eyes.   But this time I felt particularly sad because  I could not decide on what to wear.   I tried on five, maybe ten outfits, but still nothing.   I was trying to dress like someone I’m not,  I didn’t go for my usual style of dressing because I felt predictable.

Here’s a little secret about me, I love black,  black hair,  outfits, rooms,  pens,  dogs.   I LOVE black, ever since I was a pre-teen.  I’ve been rocking all black before it became mainstream.   But as the times change and my fashion sense evolved,  I’ve fallen inlove  with the staple tones.  Black, white,  nude,  blush, you get the gist.   I prized myself on collecting clothing in these staple colours so my wardrobe would seem bountiful.  I wore black so much my bestfriend and boyfriend started wearing it to.   It’s so bad now that whenevr we go out as a group it looks like we just came from a funeral.   Albeit a very high-profile fashionable funeral where they serve  the scotch neat and cosmopolitons extra fancy.

My point is wearing black is natural to me.   My friend jokingly pointed out that we always wear black,  like the stuck up bitch group in high school.  While I don’t care about being a part of a group, what got me itching with discomfort was, did I look generic?  Do I fade into the crowd?    It triggered my paranoia.  I was determined to add colour in major ways to my outfit the next time I went out, which would have been to the restaurant bar place.  Which didn’t work,  because that’s not who I am.   I wear black or white or both.  That’s me ninety-eight percent of the time.


Key wardrobe staple, a black and white dress.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, do not change yourself to please others.  Don’t stop loving something because someone may have judged you our your choices.  Your happiness should always be number one.  (Seemingly you aren’t a criminal because if you don’t stop what makes you “happy” you may go to jail.)   My dressing to outsiders may say predictable but my bomb ass black outfits are unique to me.  I don’t wear generic shit. Pardon my french.  I would  wear black vintage  leather inspired pants with a low V,  X back,  black and grey romantic floral top with black lipstick and a bronze clutch. That’s me staying true to my style.

 You should stay true to yourself no matter what.  This is how you define yourself.  This is how you create your own identity


I actually wore black vintage leather inspred pants with a low V, X back, black and grey romantic floral top with black lipstick and a bronze clutch.

Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}.  Great changes come from personal choices for only you will suffer the out come -R. Leveridge

Personal cell phone photographs by S. Watson



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