It’s The End of Fitober

Hey guys, how are you?  Did you take the Fitober challenge?  If you did CONGRATS!   You’ve  made it to the end, fitter and healthier.   If you didn’t  take the Fitober pledge don’t  worry you can start anytime.  The only difference is you’ll be months behind and you won’t have a cute hash tag.   #NofatNovember or maybe #NewbodyNovember.  They don’t  quite have the same ring as #Fitober .  The year is winding down and Fitober is finally over, but we don’t have to stop working out.  The point of Fitober was to try to kick-start a new healthy chapter in our lives so that we can continue staying fit through out our days.  It was never meant for a quick months challenge.   It was meant to get you active and healthier.

2016 is a few months away and last time I checked we aren’t getting any younger.  Take the initiative to better your health which will better your life.   Ease into this new life style, no one said quit the junk food cold turkey.   However the aim is to eventually quit. Swap your meals and snacks with healthier choices.  Throw in some fruits throughout your day.  These little steps can literally make all the difference.  I won’t lie, especially here and to you guys, Fitober was hard.  I stopped around my lady time and didn’t have the same stamina to start it back up, but when I was strict with my work outs I was killing it.   I felt physically better and less sluggish.  I never stopped squatting though.  I really want to have that nice booty.  I even managed to reach double digits in my push ups.  Which is amazing because I couldn’t even do one without crying.

I’m happy I took the pledge in Fitober and even more grateful that I impacted you in any way.  Even if it’s one person I’m glad you started.  I had friends saying they started and others seemingly interested.   I even got my partner Mr. B in on it.   He’s way more into it than I am. Probably a guy thing.  So Fitober is over and our cute hashtag won’t make sense in the other months but exercise and fitness doesn’t have to stop.  I won’t stop exercising or eating healthy. I’m trying to be the best Robyn I can be and being in tip-top shape will help me with that.  If you can’t past the mental blocker about exercising you can check out my last exercise post on how to make exercise not suck. 

Thank you for stopping by #LeveridgedLives =}. I hope you kick start your healthy life style!


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