A Sunday Morning In


There’s no better feeling than living in the moment so I’m coming to you from my actual Sunday in. On a Sunday where I miss church due to over sleeping and a huge comfy bed I read the verse of the day, which I always do. I also do some more in-depth scripture reading to condition my mind for the day. After that I scroll through social media, it may seem like I’m actively up but by this time my eyes are open but my body is still sleeping so I end up laying in bed for quite some time. When I hit the end of my instagram feed i know it’s time to peel myself out of bed and start my day. Though Sunday’s are seen as a big day of rest, I take it as  prep day for my week. I thought I better get up and not waste any more time.

I had the house to myself and found it very quiet, a little quieter than usual which I like. It keeps me in a relaxed mood. I did the norm spread the bed, washed my face yadda yadda, the usual. I had a great dinner the night before and felt for a great breakfast on my chill Sunday morning. I made two sunny side up eggs with the yolk half way cooked through, diced up some cold tomatoes with some toast on the side with garlic butter which I infused myself. I felt for a more savory taste so I went with that for breakfast. It was great. It’s not recommended to eat and watch television but I did it any way. I binge watched some YouTube, and i can admit I’m addicted  to YouTube. I was going to watch just one video but auto play man, darn auto play. Garance Doré of Pardon my French on youtube has stolen my heart.



I couldn’t take this Sunday to lay back and watch videos all day so I started my usual Sunday planning. I do a little outfit planning, scheduling of blog posts and some soul searching. Alone time and relaxation time really gets my juices flowing. I have written so many posts simply from having a clearer mind. I’m planning some diy projects and scheduling my life, I need to be back on track.  Honestly some me time can really help you. If you can book a hotel room for the weekend, even one night to get some alone time or ship your kids of to their older siblings, aunts or grandparents. Try staying with your friends who live alone and let them know you need some peace and quiet to gather your thoughts. You can even ask your hubby to go night fishing with his dad while you stay at home writing your blog posts.

When all that’s said and done and your feeling much more calm, grab a cup of coffee with your friend and catch up. 

Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives =}. You deserve to feel relaxed, so take a day and jut relax.

Photographs from Lifetimepieces 


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