Make-up Makes Me Feel Better


Make-up. It’s a culture on its own. It’s such a powerful force, it’s almost like a religion.  I love wearing make-up but I haven’t worn make-up in a while and simultaneously I haven’t been feeling myself.  I’m not hiding behind make-up or even dependent on it, but not wearing it for such a long time (almost a month) made me realise how much I miss it.   I used to wear make-up everyday, whenever I went to school, a date (duh) or to hang out with friends.   I had so much fun following the steps or trying new techniques, it actually made me happy.   I never became dependent on make-up I was just seriously obsessed with it.  So now sitting and writing this bare faced, missing my cosmetics makes me wonder what the hell happened to me.   Why haven’t I chiseled my face or done some baking?   To be honest I’ve been sad and stressed with school having to collect 50 different, gross, insect species for entomology .   Yeah,  it’s just emotions taking me over, caught up in sorrow, lost in the song #DestinysChildEmotion

I recently read a blog post recently about how to feel better or something like that, and one of the steps was to dress up and put on some make-up.   It honestly shocked me because I didn’t  know other people thought the way I did.   It’s 10:24 p.m and I really want to go play in some make-up, but I won’t because there’s a huge chance I’ll fall asleep in it which is a big NoNo.   Especially now with my skin behaving itself.   In the begining make-up became a daily ritual like brushing my teeth.   I began to think it was a little ridiculous to wear it every day so I would wear make-up for the A-list things like dates and outings, not so much school and grocery shopping.   However slowly and slowly I fell into an emotional hole where my once A-list opportunities have been benched leaving me to roam the streets bare faced.


I haven’t had much human interaction other than my class mates and lets face it, speaking about insect mandibles and forms of irrigation really won’t pull me out of my slump.   So I’m going to put on some make-up, dress up nice and do something.   Maybe get ice-cream with the hubby or go dancing with the girls.   I don’t care if I’m over dressed downing my cookies and cream cone, can’t you see I’m under emotional construction.  While my emotional wounds are still fresh, doing a little hair and make-up can be my bandaid and ease the bleeding.

  If your feeling down or not quite yourself find that guilty pleasure and indulge.   Mine was feeling beautiful.   I’m a fashion lover so me not dressing up clearly means I’m on the verge of a melt down but for you never forget your loves.   A world without love is  a world I’d hate to be a part of.  Maybe you love playing the piano and haven’t in a while.  Try and find one or download  a piano app and play if you’re not near one.   It’s not the same thing but you get my point, or  even try listening to some classical music.



Check in next time when I tell you how I get my everyday make-up look.

Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives =}. May you contour for no reason and patch your emotional wounds whatever way you need.

Photographs by F. Blake



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