Saturday Night routine: A Girls Night In


Whether you’re a girl or a boy, you need that special night in. You know that one night maybe once a week or once a month where you do things to relax and gather your thoughts all by your lonesome. I hadn’t had one in awhile and the opportunity sprang on me. Normally my “me day” happens on a Sunday so I get relaxed to face the stress of an oncoming week, but this time I had some alone time on Saturday. Which wasn’t a no work all play kind of night. I’m writing this post on my Saturday Night in. I’m going to share with you what I get up to on my night, this night and what I normally get up to on my usual nights in.

On this particular Saturday Night I did a little binge youtube watching, which really isn’t any different from a regular night. This night I really went in. I watched a few DIY’s for inspiration and tried to find a new youtuber to watch, which came up short. I decided to watch some Netflix and chill, with or without someone I still chilled. I found a pretty fantastic documentary on Vidal Sassoon and glued my eyes to the t.v for the rest of the night, then the tummy bubbled. This is around 11’oclock by the way but I didn’t care. After coming of Fitober and eating healthy I thought tonight was the night to cheat a little on my diet. Not to worry it’s salads and soups for the next week. But tonight I eat pasta. I made pesto pasta with loads of seasoning with diced tomatoes on top and washed it down with a glass of chilled champagne. The labels’ torn of so I can’t quote the name. Pasta is comfort food, or atleast my comfort food so watching a beauty documentary and feasting on some quick pasta was pretty relaxing. Before all of this I painted my nails a deep purple by Jordana nail polish called Hypnotizing. It’s amature hour so I won’t insert a pick. I did a little brow taming too.

This night isn’t far of from my normal relaxing day. I usually start by washing my hair and giving it some TLC. After words I would do a face revamping. I will cleanse, scrub, tone and moisturize so I’m fresh for the days ahead. Along with doing my brows if they need to be done or deal with any other hair removal. I end all my face care with a three minute mask from Simple. That’s my go to skin care line. From cleanser right down to mosteriser and bath soap. I like to lounge around when I’m relaxed i.e shimmy around the house in a towell. If I don’t watch Sex and The City 1 the movie, which is the best chilled girls night in movie next to Breakfast at Tifanys I’d try and find a fashion or historical documentary or watch some trusty youtube. I top it all of with a cup of hot chocolte where I put a lot of effort. If I don’t fall asleep watching tv, I go of to bed searching the internet or social media for inspiration. Or fall asleep reading some blogs.

Sometimes you need to spend sometime by yourself doing the things you love, whether its painting your nails or playing Fifa. Me time is much needed.

Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives =}. I hope you get the time to relax and clear your mind.

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