You’ve been doing great so far

you're going to be okay

Congrats! You know why. You know, you did great that time with that thing. I’m really happy for you. Often enough we feel down about ourselves for not achieving a new goal or making new moves. It sometimes leaves us battered and torn. Why can’t I get promoted?  Why can’t I pass this obstacle?  We just dwell on the negatives of a situation when we really shouldn’t make it affect us in the way that it does. You may be having issues achieving this particular goal but congrats on all the others you’ve  achieved thus far. Sometimes you have to draw for a real life #throwbackthursday to feel happy.

While you haven’t cured cancer or solved world hunger you have done some pretty great things this year or even in the past week. Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how small. Congrats on handing your work in on time or congrats on cleaning out your closet, finally after promising to do it since March. Congrats on being alive, its a statistical miracle.  You are constantly doing things that propel you onto your destined life path and though you may have hit a speed bump and slowed a little, never forget that its not the end of your road. So a little tip for when life gets you down, remember the good you’ve done so far.

you're dooing great


Congratulations on graduating this year!

Congratulations on making it to another year in school!

Congrats on that new job!

Congrats on learning how to do a new hairstyl!

Congrats on making a new friend!

Congrats on learning the lyrics to that song!

Congrats on putting your close in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor!

Congrats on make a decision  to change something in your life!

Congrats on all the mini achievements of your life!

You may be living quite fine and are actually happy, but showing support has no time frame. Sometimes you need a reminder that you’ve been doing okay so far.

Thank you so much for stopping by LeveridgedLives.  Cheers to the road ahead lined with future achievements.


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