7 Great Ways Baking Soda Will Change Your Life



Baking soda, yes good old baking soda, it can be put to  great use. I honestly use it all the time.  I mostly use it for beauty reasons, really more of a vanity thing, but it is an amazing product to have on hand, seriously. It’s a pretty safe item once handled properly in appropriate dosages, and it gives some amazing results.  I really like using it because it’s not as harsh as other products, it’s even safe enough to drink!  It literally says so on the box, read more to see what I mean.  Guys it honestly is a great household item that can be used in a vast number of situations and today I’m going to let you in on some secrets about baking soda. Heres another Leveridged Lesson on… 



7 great ways baking soda will change your life.

Exfoliant – Scrub your troubles away with a little baking soda. You can mix a small amount into your face wash, or apply it after youv’ed soaped up your face as a gentle exfoliant. The formula of the baking soda really helps to lift dead skin cells and clears your pores, leaving your face super soft and not too dry.

Teeth cleaner – Throw that tube in the trash cause all you need is a little arm and hammer. NOT REALLY. But baking soda does give you fresh breath. You can sprinkle a little on your tooth brush or even wipe some directlty on your teeth to make somewhat of a paste, then brush your teeth as you normally would, yes still use your toothe paste and dont forget your gums!

Blemish reducer/ dark spot healer – Baking soda the next magic eraser? Mix a little baking soda and lime juice or household safe peroxide into a paste and place it on your dark spots or any bruise you may have hanging around. The citric acids work with the baking soda to lighten these spots on your skin over time. It’s not only good for skin, this mixture could be used around the house or on anything with a bit of discolouration.


Jewellery cleaner – As good as new. What! this is the fourth way I’ve mentioned how to use baking soda, I told you it was a lot. I’m sure you have that gold necklace just gathering dirt and looking dull all the time well baking soda can fix it right up. Get an old tooth brush some warm water, a little baking soda and gentrly scrub the surface of your precious metals. Rinse and repeat depending on the muck build up and Voila! a simple at home jewellery cleaner.

Hair conditioner – It’s not that type of hair conditioner but more of a ‘get the gunk and grease build up out of my hair so it won’t look all damged and rough’ type of conditioner. Mix a pretty decent amount of baking soda with you regular conditioner and place it in your hair, let it sit for a reasonable time depending on your hair and then rinse. It will strip all the greesy residue build up on hair, leaving a clean base for you to work with. You can shampoo after  for better results. 



Deoderizer – Bye bye Dove, hello baking soda. I think this is the most common use for baking soda, I should change the tittle from 7 ways it can change your life to 6, but we’re already invested at this point. I wouldn’t suggest using it in place of your deodorant but as a little freshner. You can sprinkle a bit in your shoes and socks to reduce sweat and its coupling smell, you could even dust a little near your YOOHOO if it gets a little hot and sweaty. Basically anywhere where an unpleasant smell may have developed you can put a little  baking soda to help.

Antacid – Pepto bismol ? How about baking soda! Yes you can actually drink it. Soothing relief from acid indigestion, 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water or as directed by a physician – Red Band pure baking soda. I quoted that straight of the box and it pretty much works. It’s no Starbucks or Cafe Blue Latte but it gets the job done. 



Those were just 7 ways that baking soda can change your life and there is so more it can be used for. Each listed use should be customized to your liking and done periodically, you can have too much of a good thing. Though it’s a wonder product it isn’t quite magic and it will need a few days to take effect referring to teeth whitening or spot redution, but I wouldn’t recomend it if I never believed in it and actully used and tested out every one.


Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives =} I hope you get a chance to try baking soda in atleast one of these ways. 

Photographs by F. Blake




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