How to style your Holiday Sweater for a night out


Some women are blessed with an amazing sense of style, no matter the season or reason they pull out the stops whenever they put an outfit together. Leave them on a Desert Island and they could inspire Chanel’s newest runway. For others this luck is not quite the same. There’s nothing wrong if you fall in this category and quite frankly if it weren’t for you fashion bloggers wouldn’t have an audience. I am going to share my two cents on how to style your holiday sweater for a night out. 

You’re cold I get it and you want to go out, I get that too but it’s too cold for a cute silk top and that great duster you have hung up and your last resort is your big holiday sweater. To combat that chunkiness of the sweater pair it with a body hugging bottom. This lets the world know that underneath you are woman in all the right ways. I did white on bottom which will surely draw attention with a fun but sexy zip detail in the back. Small little details help you to get looks for the right reason

Class it up with some great pointed heels. I opted for a classic nude choice to make my legs look longer and in turn a little slimmer. The nude heels lets eyes follow the length of the leg without any breaking points making them appear much longer as they form the point and the ankle strap makes that part of my legg look a bit thinner.

On to accessories, a cute clutch is always a great choice and as of late mini bags and purses have been my obsession. Go with a fun statement piece to help distract further from the sweater. My outfit followed my favourite colour palette so I kept my accessories within these tones. The clutch adds the perfect amount of excitement without looking Lady Gaga crazy. The simplest trick of all was not folding my collar. This creates an edgy vibe to the outfit when everything else was so polished.

The point of styling this sweater was to not make it the focal point. Little styling tricks will help you take focus off the large knit but bring focus to everything else. The key is balance, not too sexy, not to bag lady, not too casual, not too black tie. Each outfit type has specific formulas it’s just in us to figure them out. You can customize the outfit further to stay true to yourself like adding tights if it’s a bit colder and wearing heels in the same colour to lenghten your legs this way.







Thank you so much for stopping by LeveridgedLives =}. Do you follow this formula when getting winter ready? 

Thank you to my lovely friends who stopped by this shoot: Samantha Cassie, Meisha Ballentine 

Photographs F. Blake


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