The Real Pressure of Blogging

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I love to write, I  also ate raw sugar and watched cartoons when I was younger so my imagination is very active. I do consider myself to be creative, I  always try to put a fun twist on the things I speak about instead of leaving it bland like… hey I ate cheese today yum. With my love of writing and my over active imagining I created LeveridgedLives. It’s been great and exciting and I’ve received a couple of views here and there and everything was dandy. As a true blogger I would support other bloggers and vloggers  and the majority of them fell into a specific niche,  beauty or fashion. When you’re exposed to something you tend to replicate it. That happened to me with my blog.  I started doing beauty posts and fashion posts and guides to life, when that really wasn’t my niche, but everyone in the blogging world seemed to be doing that so it translated to me as the only way to get viewers. Which is false by the way.

I got wrapped in that world and it made LeveridgedLives lose its voice. I didn’t feel the same sense of accomplishment writing about my go to beauty products as I did writing about my emotional journeys, and my handful readers liked the fact that I was saying the things that others were not admitting. The honesty of the  matter is that I find my ’emotional ‘ niche to be very small, which can be a good thing but it depended highly on me being raw and a little bit filtered, to keep it PG while still sharing my true emotions. Honestly guys sometimes I would feel nothing. Honestly nothing, not happy or sad literally like I would be floating in the atmosphere. Like a plastic bag that may hitch on a happy situation or a sad one. When it comes down to it my blog would go a week maybe two weeks without any posts and I would feel awful, so I would fill it with mainstream content. A little what’s in my bag, how to style…,  but that’s not what LeveridgedLives is about. I can’t be original while copying someone else style. My originality is all I have, hell it’s my money maker. So I’ve woken up and threw out the mainstream content ideas for raw truths. I’m not sure of the niche LeveridgedLives falls into but I know what it isn’t.


Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives =} . Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your voice? Let me know in the comments below.

Photographs taken by F. Blake


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  1. Yes, I have felt that way many times (like I’ve lost my voice). Once again you have written a great article to which I can relate. At times I start a blog, then I read it over a dozen times, then I think about it, think about how others might view it, I pause, start to overthink then sadly I delete it simply because I start to doubt myself and my ability. I worry that what I am writing will not fit in with the rest of the world. Thank you for reminding me that it is ok to be different and original. Please keep up the fantastic work, looking forward to your next entry.

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