Donatella Versace Spring 2016 Atelier Versace Couture show


Donatella can you design badly, I don’t think so. The Spring 2016 Atelier collection was pretty fantastic. If I could afford all your pieces let’s just say I would be  in Paris with my cheque book in hand.  They were sleek with just the right amount of edge to draw my attention and the attention of Rita Ora, British pop princess who sat front row in one of the to die for pieces. The collection had the obvious Versace sex appeal with the floor length gowns and some ballsy mini dresses but for my readers and friends you would know it was the #GirlBoss power suits that really caught my eye, like the show opener modelled by Yasmin Wijnaldum. Though the pieces were feminine they were equally powerful with the structured shoulders, crisp whites and the pops of bold colours. You could
strut your stuff down the streets with no doubt in the world that you run this mothaF*@%er. The rope detail and peekaboo tendencies of the collection really put it over the top. You can always count on Donatella Versace to bring the sex and that she did. There are some pieces that scream pop star, I could see miley classing it up with a piece like this or even Rihanna rocking this. My favourite piece was modelled by Dilone, I literally saw myself in it, its sooo me!


Images from the Versace Atelier Couture Spring 2016 show


Show opener modeled by Yasmin Wijnaldum .


Closer modeled by Gigi Hadid.




Does this scream Miley? Or is it jut me? 


Rihanna would look fabulous in this, modeled by Julia Stegner.




Bold colours, crisp whites, outstanding structuring.


Crisp whites and rope details.




My favorite piece from the collection, modeled by Dilone.  

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