Chanel Spring Couture 2016


Can you do Spring without floral?  I think it’s a requirement to show at fashion week. Out with the old boring print and in with the modern textured flowers says Chanel.  There was a lot of texture on the Chanel runway this season, lots of 3-D flowers and the house’ signature tweed. Chanel never disappoints when it comes to presentation, of both the pieces and the show itself.  Do you remember the Chanel airlines?   “The Chanel Gardens” was the concept for this couture showing, seemingly fitting for a spring time fiasco.  I see what you did there Karl.  Their pieces are always super glamorous and abundantly feminine, for the power woman what’s not to love?  Classic silhouettes were up and down the runway with quintessential themes of Spring, pastels, floral, light garments, feminine bead detail and woven patterns, with emphasis on the famous Chanel suit.  This is a brand for the ages, Bury Me in Chanel’ will be the title of my memoirs because these pieces are timeless.  Keeping oh so Chanel in case you were mistaken Mr. Lagerfeld placed crystal brooches on the models, reminiscent of the spring time fairies , dragonflies and bees and a few others.  Not to mention Chanel’s take on the fanny pack, which they modernised, calling it a smartphone pouch. Karl Lagerfeld takes these iconic pieces and turns them in Chanel icons.


Images From The Chanel Spring Couture 2016 Show 


Classic Chanel suit in navy, modelled by Jamaican Tami Williams.


Beaded Floral detail.















Feminine bead work on classic Chanel suit.


Textured Chanel suit.














Jewel floral bead work.


Woven bead detail.















Chanels take on the fanny pack.


Textured skirt with woven detail.














Bold Floral detail.


Feminine spring time flair with 3-D flowers.














Heavy feathered textured piece with crystal brooch.

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