Life gets better by the river


Life gets better by the river, has been the statement I’ve lived by since 2016 has started. New year new me? Not so much as new year, break into my house and steal my possessions,  broken emotional me. So far 2016 isn’t looking that great and weirdly it’s looking better than 2015 because I’ve relaxed exponentially more in these few weeks than I had in 12 months. Jamaica Jamaica,  land of wood and water. I believe  you can heal the most broken soul. I’ve been to 2 rivers so far, one on Jan 1, I went with Mr.B’s family to….. and the second was Blue Hole.  There is nothing like having cool, clean flowing water and a bit of laughter to bring you back to sanity. I’m so happy I live where you vacation, even if you live where I shop, I digress. River, right yes.

One of my best friends rounded up Mr.B and I and her gal pal for a little “we’re still on holiday let’s make use of it” trip and seeing that you read the first paragraph you would know we went to Blue Hole in St. Ann. It was my first time and I really can’t wait to go back. It’s one long connective river that flows down the side of a hill and settles at some points which creates the “holes”. The whole point of this attraction is to connect with your inner barbarian and do a little rock diving. Now if you can’t swim don’t bum out because they have life vests on hand for the aquatically inclined. It’s safe I tested it out just for you guys.

There are three main holes and at each they’re opportunities for you to dive off. Some cliffs are higher than some but the result is the same. You plus jumping equal small heart attack equivalent to fun after safely popping back up out of the water. The water was very clean and the atmosphere was very welcoming,  all you could hear was the laughter from the different groups.  If you want cool action shots you may ask for a tour guide. Thank God for ours, who else would have taken these pictures. I especially liked the fact that we couldn’t use our cellphones. I don’t have one any way, remember they broke into my house, yeah they stole that too and my tweezers and that is what truly upsets me. A chance to connect with my friends with no distractions from the Google world was pretty great. There was an entry fee which goes back to the locals who worked there and allowed you to get life jackets. A few dollars to pay job wages is no issue of mine. Blue Hole is a great spot for a quick trip in Jamaica. If you ever get the chance to visit St.Ann or Jamaica make use of its beauty, travel,  explore, discover. There’s lots to do here and plenty to love.

Photographs from Blue Hole St. Ann, Jamaica


Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives.  I hope you get an opportunity to travel to explore this great island.



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