Fenty Puma Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Collection

Fenty model

No Robyn didn’t ask me to write on her behalf, I just love supporting “The Robyns.” Bias? yes, should you care?  YES!  I want you to keep reading. Not to mention my secret love for Puma. Have you read about Fitober, if so you would have seen my ignites. I am a little tomboy by nature, cuts and bruises were my first accessories. When I hit puberty I traded in bandages for bandeaus and cuts for neat cuffs. Marrying high fashion with sports gear has been tried and many company’s have failed but Puma found the formula. We Robyns know what we are doing when it comes on to fashion.

Now to the show, if the Fenty collection doesn’t scream Rihanna I guess you live under a rock to not see her super edgy rocker style all over it.Her signature style along side some of her most memorable ensembles were duplicated in this collection. She is the ultimate cool girl and she is ready to uplift her navy as any good captain would. The collection is filled with sex, raw, unfiltered sex appeal. Effortless pieces with the right amount of structure for complete envy. Lustful knee highs and provocative lace detail on pieces were some of the dominant themes throughout.The collection is a sports luxe collection with a bad ass edge and Rihanna was the perfect match to bring this idea forward. The hoodies, sneakers and sweats are more for the fashion forward who has picked up on the sports luxe trend and not really the fitness junkie trying to bulk up. Style over sweats I always say and clearly RiRi agrees. The icing on the Fashion Week cake was the showcase of the one that started it all, the Fenty sneaker seen on a few models. Congrats on Robyn Rihanna Fenty on your fashion Week debut. 

Images from The Fenty Puma Autumn/ Winter 2016 Show 

Fenty Knee highs

Thigh high boots

Fenty lace detail

Provocative lace detail












Fenty hoodie

Hoodies and knee highs

Fenty sweats

Male hoodie













Would you wear these pants?

Fenty sheer

Fenty sheer












Back stage at the Fenty Puma Runway Show


Fenty hair

Fenty runway hair

Fenty make-up

Fenty Runway make-up











Fenty Ruway look

The Runway look

Fenty backstage

Final touches













Fenty sneaker

Fenty sneaks

Fenty heels

Fenty heels












Rihanna Fenty











Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives. When you shop tell Robyn I sent you.

Images from Vogue.com




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