Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Ready to Wear

alexander opener

Preppy chic or grunge mod? Whatever the theme it left me wanting it all. Feminine pieces with rocker style, this collection had all the parts of the ultimate grunge chic wardrobe; leather, lace, drugs, fur, sheer, chains and spikes. The Alexander Wang models were pretty bad ass… in a good way.  It is high fashion of course.  You can be a rule breaker and stylish at the same time.  ‘Alexander’  was printed thigh high on the female models tights, which draws your eye up into their unknown, blocked of by their itty bitty skirts. Revolution of the mini skirt?  The text style branding is a signature for his collections.  This collection speaks to women on either side of the spectrum and those in between.  Take away the  marijuana clad pieces and  you have great choices for the everyday woman.  Keep the cannabis coat and your definitely a rebel statement maker.  Frankly I would wear all the items weed or no weed, its Alexander Wang.  He pushed the limits with these provocative themes and style choices, even promoting a little stripping.  I’m not judging the worlds oldest profession but the older minds might question his bold design choices.  The labelled fur tops and tams will be great pieces for your upcoming fall wardrobe, with the sheer pieces adding a bit of a sensual touch all while giving you an edge and ensuring you to stand out.

Images from the Alexander Wang Autumn Summer 2016 Show 

weed and lace

Cannabis and stud details.

punk rock

80’s Grunge.









fem suit

Classic suit.


80’s Mod style.









branded top

Fur labelled top.

striper love

Stripper chic














Runway Close Ups


alexader tights

Alexander tights.

mary jane

Marijuana details .









lace and chocker

Lace and leather choker.

studs and chains

Studs and chain detail.









strip club chic

Stripper details.

















Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope this collection speaks to the rule breaker rebel in you.

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