Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection


I died and went to Marc Jacobs heaven, don’t pinch I never want to wake up. Could it be my love for the dark and the twisted that makes me swoon over this collection or was it my love for the flapper finger waved hair and garment construction in this collection. This Marc Jacobs Autumn/ Winter 2016 collection is stunning. From the Gothic vibe with over elevated platform heels, to the exaggerated Peter Pan crochet collars, this collection had a good mix of hard and soft. Classic fall leather was on the runway with amazing feline and floral laser detail. These skirts are 3 twirls away from the average winter skirt. The over sized jumper trend made its way down the catwalk at the Jacobs show with varying geometric patterns to please. Contrasting the more structured core pieces such as the models boots or Marcs version of a decorated denim Jacket. Is bigger always better? In Marc Jacobs case it is. The models petite frames were over crowded with the “7 sizes too big” pieces, none the less each garment was magical. Plain materials were absent from this collection, we saw textured tweed, silk feathers and prints along with the more obvious fur and leather options. He gave us a twist on the fur jacket by changing up the colour scheme and adding details to the different coats. The choices are bold but isn’t that the point of fashion? The collection was drama filled and exciting, it was the alternate hole Alice fell down, where there is no Red Queen, just sadness and couture. 


Images from The Marc Jacobs Autumn/Winter 2016 Show

laser cut skirt

Floral skirt detail.

decorated denim

Decorated denim Jacket.













Over sized trend.


Feather detail.












fur and print

Printed coat.

fur coat

Bold fur colour coat.












Close up Images



Platform heels.

geometric sweater

Geometric sweater print.










hair and make-up

Runway hair.


Runway make-up















The designer, Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs












Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives. Did you enjoy the twisted spirit of this collection?  

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