A Year In Europe To Find Myself


I’m an avid documentary watcher, history, past events and sometimes future predictions interest me.   I find that they add value to my knowledge bank.   I like having random knowledge either for personal reference or to educate a peer while in conversation.   The documentaries I watch range from science to fashion to everything in between.   My favourite kinds of documentaries are biographical ones, a look into someones life and empire.   Hearing someones achievements really pumps me up to cement my success, so I may put a little more effort into my home/ work so I too can create a great empire.   More often when I’m watching these biography pieces the protagonist has either a rough beginning which motivated them to get out of the slums, or they set off to some European country and “find themselves”, sometimes it’s a combination of both.  So I thought to myself … I should take a year in Europe to find myself.


Hold your horses mother!  I’m not going anywhere.  I know Europe is an amazing place, filled with culture and other Europe-y amazingness, but will a year really have me knowing the true me?   Can I find the true Robyn walking down the street or when I buy the perfect pair of jeans?  Must my epiphany come while  sipping espresso in that beautifully romantic french coffee shop?  Now I’ve done my fair share of travelling, no where particularly outrageous with a frickin queen, but I know the airplane safety routine by memory.  What if I never jet off to Europe?  Could I find myself in a Miami museum or maybe A New York bar?   It honestly seems like all the game changers in each industry are regular visitors to the glamorous continent, or lucky enough to be born there. Most powerful ateliers and beauty innovators reside in Europe the very same people who make the A-list.  No wonder people go there to figure out life.  There’s inspiration in every step, right down to the people.

I for one am an open angliophile.   So if I ever step foot on English soil I would probably explode.   I AM SERIOUS.  So of course I would love to learn more about their culture and incorporate it into my life some way some how.   But I don’t believe I have to jet across oceans and seas to find myself.   I can have my aha! moment while shaving my legs.  Subconsciously we know what we want for ourselves.  We have an idea of the lives we want but the path to the “true you” may be clouded by your job or your friends or even your school #storyofmylife.   It’s up to you to take the stand and wipe away the fog.   Seriously, you need to take the initiative to be the best you right now, wherever you are.  When I was in highschool my bestfriend said she wanted bone straight hair, the kind that blows gently in the wind but she always curled her hair before bed.  I really laughed at her and said why don’t you just straighten it. She kind of looked at me with awe as to say the answer couldn’t be that simple.  Sometimes it is and a friend can help you fill in the blanks of the real you.  So many people are trying to “find themselves” and think that dramatic steps need to be taken, but backpacking across the Andes may not be the answer for you. Definitely not for me, it could be as simple as changing your choice of nail polish that may put your whole life into perspective (Shari !) 

If you want to be that girl or guy that’s head of their own company, then take some time and map it out.  The real you may just wants to learn how to cook one pot meals.   I will never define your life or measure your ambitions and no one else should.  Right now I’m just trying to better my blog and graduate university.  Likewise it may be your goal to take a year of in Europe to  actually find yourself.  To the guys out there who ain’t go those euros or pounds to drop on air fare, not to worry, you can find the true you as long as you are serious, devoted and willing to work,  Just like those European bosses.  I mean I’ve never been to Europe but I think I’m discovering a little more of the true me day by day right here at home.  Perspective is relative but inspiration is everywhere. Stop aimlessly  surviving and start purposefully living.


Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives . Whether it’s Europe or back home I hope you encounter your true  strength and beauty. 

Photographs by F. Blake


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