Dreams Will Make You Happy but They Don’t Pay The Bills



 I am a big dreamer, a huge believer.  I will fantasize the crap out of a situation and make it fit my perspective.  I like putting great endings to times in life because I’ve seen to many awful endings.  We all want the best for ourselves so we sit and conceptualize the greatest possible outcomes.  Naturally we want our lives to go great or to be as great as the next one but, there’s a very dangerous part of dreaming and that’s the waking up.  Dreams will make you happy but they don’t pay the bills.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “be a doer not a dreamer,” because dreaming is really empty actions.  You know, all talk no action, yeah the saaaame thing.  We can dream all we want and not benefit in any single way because we left out the action.  Now I’m not saying all your hopes and aspirations are fairy dust, never going to happen brain farts.  I’m saying in order to turn your dream into a reality you better work bitch!  As said so elegantly by pop princess Britney.

Saying you want to be the best without actually working on it makes no sense.  Wake the phuq up and start doing.  Curse words are only real if they’re spelt correctly, kids don’t quote me 😓.  Seriously though, how will you be great if you don’t have a game plan?  I wanted to do something that was mine, that gets my story out there and … here you are on LeveridgedLives.  Similarly I wanted to be considered fashionable so I’ve worked on my style.  In a very funny video that’s even more R rated than my little spelling typo, a very famous social media personality Bretmanrock said if you want to do something then do it! You want to be a hoe THEN BE THE BEST HOE!


waking up

This is serving as your wake up call and mine too.  To stop daydreaming and start doing.  Plan out the hurdles you have to cross and develop game plans to actually jump them.  Want to be a Marine biologist?  Then finish university.  Want to be a great blogger?  Then practice your skill and post.  Life isn’t unicorn dust and love where everything is handed to you ( excluding North and Saint. DUH )  you have to plan big, work hard and be consistent so your dreams can pay your bills.

Thank you for stopping by LeveridgedLives. You need to wake up and start doing ASAP.


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