7 Weird Things I’m Willing to Admit on the Internet

Happy 50th post Robyn !!!!!! (The crowd chairs as she feels the accomplishment).  Thank you, thank you.  I would like to thank my mother for birthing me and supporting me.  My boyfriend who believes in me and takes my pictures, my friends and family for all their support.  I especially need to thank every single one of my readers and followers (p.s you should follow me) for the means to keep going and to not be here talking to myself on the internet. Thank you truly thank you.  I decided to make this post personal and just a little weird.  I am an average girl going through life but I also have strange, strange habits.  Even though they seem so natural and normal to me.  To each is own I guess.  Now without any further a due here are…

7 weird things I’m willing to admit on the internet.

  1. Whenever I’m paying cash for an item I like to use all the different forms of currency as evenly as possible. I believe everyone deserves a chance. If an item costs $1740 I will use in Jamaican, 1 thousand note, 1 five hundred note, 2 hundred notes, 1 twenty coin, 1 ten coin and 2 five coins, while the average would have used 2 thousand notes and collect change. Not mehDSC_2509 
  2. When I see actors in a movie or a show I won’t rest until I find out the major role they played . I have to find out the show, the role and who they played. Miranda from Sex and the city played the head of the FBI in the Hannibal Lecter Series.If you know me you’d know I’d identify any actor from Sex and the City, I mean its my favorite show. I’ve watched the 6 seasons back to back and the movies BACK TO BACK! Did you know that Harvey from Suits played a love interest for Samantha in Season 1 episode 2-Models and Mortals? Yeah I wasn’t joking I need to know what roles actors have played. Harvey from sex andcity 
  3.  I never finish a cup of tea. In my mind the end of tea has stuff in it so I just don’t , I don’t know . I don’t like the floaty bits at the bottom. DSC_2493 
  4. When I eat a sandwich it has to be sliced, you know like grilled cheese, I have to slice it. Not only does it have to be sliced, it has to be a diagonal cut and…. I have to eat the lower cornered slice first and the rounded top slice last. Otherwise life will fall apart and love has left the world. DSC_2495 
  5. When I’m finished with a snack like Doritos or Ruffles, or anything that comes in a manipulative package, I fold it before I throw it away. Neatly folded with corners in before its trashed, respect is due all times I believe. DSC_2511 
  6. I used to suck my thumb for 18 years, from birth until I was 18, I mean this could be weird but this isn’t the weird part. I just stopped when I was 18, literally one day I just stopped. I thought ‘hey, I’m an adult now so I guess I’m done.’ DSC_2771 
  7.  When I was younger about 15, 16 , around those young wild teenage years I could squeeze my size seven and a half feet into shoes up 2 sizes smaller than mine. How did they fit? I don’t know. Can I do it now? I don’t know, I haven’t tried in a while. DSC_2482 

There you have it. 7 weird facts about me to celebrate my 50th post. I hope you see me in a whole new way. We all have our quirks, and beautifully they all differ. Celebrate your uniqueness and charm by embracing all facets of your life . Why 7? It’s my favorite number.

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged lives. I would love to hear some of your amazing, weird, freaky, odd habits.

Comment, like and share! Lets create a conversation!



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