Styling tips on scarves

Personal update I am really into scarves right now. As of late I’ve been incorporating them in my outfits more and more. My mom loves scarves, strange ’cause we’ve always lived in Jamaica where heat is our best friend, so how and why do we love scarves so much? Because they are cute AF. To combat the tropical weather I incorporated thin scarves that wont trap heat or make me uncomfortable. I wear the small neck scarves mostly, not so much the long ones. The best part about accessories like scarves is that they can be worn in almost anyway you may need them. I have worn a scarf as a neck tie, a belt, a bracelet and on my bags for good measure. They are so versatile and beautiful that I can’t imagine not having them in my life. I wore this ensemble for a food review at the Blue Ridge Cafe in Blue Mountains Jamaica so the scarf actually kept me a little warm. The restaurant is perched on the top of the mountain, an arms length from Heaven. We literally traveled through clouds, it was so peaceful and relaxing, not to mention the food was incredible. the staff was so pleasant that we sat for hours (because we could’t see to drive down because we were in a cloud and didn’t want to die even though we were neighbors to heaven) talking to the kids. It was the perfect backdrop for my photo shoot and I encourage those who can traverse the terrain to take a trip up there one day. Now to my outfit…

How I Style my Scarf









Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope this helped you with some styling ideas. 


 Photos by F. Blake



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