GRWM: Spring Wedding The only Do’s you need

shower soap wash

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you’re in a… actually no open them.  Yep, yep keep them open so you can read this post.  But imagine I’m getting ready just as in all those fairy tales , like in Cinderella when the forest animals helped make her dress and do her hair.  Those little mice were quite handy with a needle and thread.  Sigh, if only getting ready for big events were that fun and musical (actually no I hate musicals).   It’s chaos having to find the right shoes , dress, hair style, perfume, nail varnish, the works.  For a lazy girl that would be a disaster, but for a girl who loves that part of life, it’s still a little stressful.  This is the first wedding my mother isn’t doing all the hard parts for me #foreveryoung #Iwish. Why have I decided to even talk about getting ready to go to a wedding, it’s because you have to look your best. Odds are you’ll be caught in photos and those are basically forever. You wouldn’t  want your image immortalised with you looking half ass, well definitely not me. When the happy couple flips through to look at their special day and see’s you looking like some real animals got at you, they’ll probably take you out of the albums.  They always want everything to be perfect including their guests, so here is where you put a little bit more effort in your make-up and really get the creases out of your dress.  Remove all scuffs and shine those shoes.  We’ve got a wedding to go to. You have to look amazing especially if your taking part in the wedding.   Come and…

Get Ready With Me for a Spring Wedding ♥♥♥


Silly you, if you thought all these preparations are to be done the day of the wedding, you must be mistaken.  We prep weeks in advance.  From the day we get the invitation, that’s when you know it’s time to plan.

The first thing is the outfit.

A huge misconception is that you have to buy a new outfit to wear to this extravaganza of love.  WRONG!  Unless it’s a themed wedding or something crazy .  I searched my closet for something “springy” and feminine enough to wear to a spring wedding and found the masterpiece that is my beige Michael Kors dress.  A simple dig through of the stuff hiding away in your closet will surely bring you a gem to go to this wedding.  Next are your accessories.   I decided to stick with the pallet of the dress, I chose my nude Jessica Simpson heals, and dainty pieces of gold jewellery. I opted for my favourite black micro bag  for a pop of well deserved contrast.  Planning from this early removes the rush around the actual wedding day and gives you enough time to wash, alter and perfect the look.  If you have to absolutely go shopping then do it early as well. 

Next it’s time for your body.

We need to get all the bad JUJU out of you, full body cleanse.  We need healthy skin, shiny hair, hairless legs, fleaked eyebrows, the works.   Maybe not a full body cleanse, but a little dieting so we aren’t bloated at the reception and our stomachs are strong enough to eat all that great catered food (my favourite part, next to all the love and blah).   Cut out the greasy foods so your skin can clear up.  I started 1 1/5 to 2 weeks before the wedding.  I drank loads of water during this time to give me a youthful glow and moisturized heavy.  Take a break from heavy make-up if you can, the goal is the best skin ever.   Eating right and drinking lots of water will help your hair too.   Treat it well in these weeks, a bad hair day on the wedding day will literally kill your spirits.   If it ruins your Tuesdays imagine on a big day in front of people. 

Now the FUN part, beauty. 

All that before was work.  This, this my friend, is straight up play.  This is the beauty regimen section, where we pick the right shade of contour to slice a bitch.   GRWM just got serious.  Google, Pinterest, We♥it  away to find the right make-up that will go with your outfit.   My advice is to find a variation of what you already do.   Today is not the day to think outside of the box and do a sharp cut crease when all you do is eyeliner.   I wanted a soft look, on the pinkier, nude side, to show that I’m a delicate peach.   Advice time, practice the look you want before the wedding.   Test it out and where it around friends, ask opinions so you know you don’t look like a clown.   This helps you better your technique and helps you to find the products you may need way before hand.   Obviously pick your hairstyle before too.  My hair is natural and I do one hairstyle, so that was the first thing of my list.   If you have to get it professionally done then get it down 3-4 days before the wedding and choose a simple style that you can do at home by yourself.   This gives you wiggle room to get used to the new hair and fix anything that goes wrong.   On to the nails, same rule applies as before, pick the right shape, length, varnish and get them done before.  Pick a colour that you own to cover any chips that might appear before the big day. Just in case.

Lets relax and get pampered, its TLC time.

We’ve worked out all the kinks in our plans time to do what we love, a little pamper.  I put these in this sections for two reasons, 1 we can do these closer to the wedding day and 2  I do these all on  a pamper evening.  Take a long evening and shave your legs, do your eyebrows, deep clean your face and enjoy a well deserved skin care session. We want smooth skin for the big day, but really we want our make-up to sit well all day. Take a bath and relax, weddings are a huge day for the couple and may bring out some deep emotions for the guests.  Mentally prepare yourself for all the love, fun and memories of the wedding. Be ready to see true happiness on this majestic day.

Congrats to my uncle and his once fiance now family.

skin towel polish

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. It’s a wedding, oh the love!


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