Styling with Michael Kors and I: Spring Wedding

DSC_0082DSC_0076 fashion    Because I know you all are avid readers, you would have known that a couple weeks ago I was getting ready for my uncles wedding.  I left out the outfit because I shared all you’d need know to be prepared for such a big event,  mind, body and soul.  I had to make a whole post dedicated to Spring wedding fashion.  I knew I was taking part in the wedding so I had to be on my A game.  It’s one thing to be a guest at the wedding, but it’s another to stand in front of everyone to share a few words.  I know it’s Spring and everyone knows when you think of Spring you think of beautiful flowers and butterflies, pretty pastels and delicate fabrics.  Yes it’s true but you can do spring fashion and not look like a walking rose bush.
Florals in spring is a huge trend year after and it works, but knowing me, like really knowing me you’d know I am not one one to follow the status quo.  It’s a huge wonder that I never wore black to the wedding (even though I had a black jumpsuit as my back up) and I wouldn’t have worn white seeing I wasn’t the bride.  I luckily found a great neutral dress that was simple not boring, feminine not girly.  I rarely wear dresses but when I do, I go super feminine or super sexy but for obvious reasons, I went feminine.  I love the older silhouettes, the box shape, so this closet find was perfect.  The dress drew enough attention for me to be noticed but was polite enough not steal the brides spotlight.  It was short yes, but I am super short so no one noticed, I hope.  I’m glad I chose my beige Michael Kors dress, all the other women wore floral prints in bold colours.  In the irony of life my simple beige dress stood out among the rainbow flowers. 

DSC_0086 DSC_0116 DSC_0113


Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope you think outside the box for your next fashion event.

Photographs by F. Blake


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