Dare to be different


Red, red, red,red,red,red, blue.  Which one are you?  I don’t know about you (Dr. Sues is that you) but I’m definitely a blue.  Now that the rimming is over let’s get down to business.  Are you one of 300 or are you one in a million?  What is your AHA! feature.  Funny this world we live in where it tries to mass produce personalities.  Everyone looks the same, dresses the same and acts the damn same.  That’s boring.  The concept of “fitting in” has been forced unto us so much so that a person who dares to be different is absolutely shunned.  People are ridiculed for standing out. If we were supposed to be carbon copies then quite literally we would be identical copies.  Wouldn’t you prefer to be the purple Milani lipstick over all the basic shades of frosted pink?  

That’s so not the point of life. I’m not suggesting that we need to be Lady Gaga level different, but I am saying that you shouldn’t fear your differences.  I used to feel so down because I thought different, and liked different things from the people around me.  I thought I should dismiss my differences and accept the way of life everyone else was living.  I was young, and I thought all the things we did were fun, until I grew up and understood what real joy feels like.  It boggled my mind that everyone wanted to look and behave the same way.   Why?  Literally, why would you want to be generic?  Individuality is the best characteristic you have. 

I’m quite in love with fashion, but when I was younger my location and those in it would make me feel judged if I dressed the way I wanted to dress, so I never did.  Growing up and understanding the importance of self identity, made me quite literally stop feeding into the judgements from outsiders who don’t know me and fed my soul with the things I loved, which was working and developing my fashion sense.  It might not seem like much, but the turning point in your life where you stop being scared of judgement and do the things you really love (as long as they are 100% legal)  is when you’ll find real joy.  Realization of self and knowledge of individuality makes for a great personality. It helps boost your confidence and betters your energy, and makes others want to be around you, instead of settling to be around you.  Whenever I see someone doing something different, even if it annoys me, I won’t say anything because that is them expressing themselves.  That’s them being an individual.  Who am I to tell you stop making wire art if that’s what you’re into?  Who are you to judge me because I wear heels to the movie theatre?  Why would I want you to suppress the beautiful differences you have because everyone else is basic.  I know what I like, you know what you like, and the best part of it is that God alone may judge us.

DSC_3359 DSC_3342 DSC_3347

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. Don’t be scared because you’re different, be so proud, so proud that you’re difference is the reason why you are unique. It’s always better to be purple instead of another shade of pink.


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