new beauty hack -Hey! Is That Lipstick On Your…

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Don’t you just love make-up.  I mean it’s high on my  “things I enjoy about life” list, next to my family , fashion and Sex and the City.  It’s a solid place holder.  One thing that makes it super amazing is its diversity.  I’m sure you don’t live under a rock so you’ve probably seen beauty gurus using concealer as eyeshadow base or darker foundation as contour.  Maybe those examples weren’t super diverse but there is some innovative stuff out there man.   I mean make-up has come along way from the 90’s where it was dark lip liner and pencil thin brows #nostalgia.  Nowadays we can fill in a few sparse patches in our hairline with some eyeshadow, see innovative.  The very obvious point is that make-up can be mixed and repurposed for what ever your heart desires, we just have to use our… say it with me IMAGINATION.

I don’t own many eyeshadow pallets at all , but I do enjoy a full eye look here and there.  I wanted to be more than average with my make-up one day so I did as anyone else would when they want to follow the deep red eye look trend but they don’t have any eyeshadows to match. (catches the deepest breath after that sentence) I used my lipstick.  I did the whole crease define and transition colour, blah, blah and I used my finger to apply some brick red lipstick to my lids and man, I really liked how it looked.  Move over make-up artistes to the stars, Robyns is h… No, actually stay put, I took a chance and it worked out this time. I’ll stay in my lane.  But it worked for me,  and it’s pretty simple to do.  Think about the look you want to go for and how your current lipsticks might coordinate, and just do it.  I had fun trying this new way of make-up and I’m sure you will too.  Add a small amount of colour at first and slowly build until you feel comfortable.  Simply practice first, test it out to see if this beauty hack is for you, this could work so well that you might comment next week suggesting some lipstick looks or some other beauty hacks.  Yup that last one, I would love to hear any other beauty hack you might have.  Don’t be selfish with this post, tell a friend, share it with your girls, comment and like. Remember to come back on Wednesday for a new post and Saturday as well. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope you liked my lipstick repurposing, I would love to hear some of your beauty hacks just comment below.


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