Lets Talk About Regularity


I don’t think this topic is taboo but it is one most people are shy about, which is odd.  There’s a weird stigma around a person’s regularity as if we don’t all number 2.  We all breathe, and we all poop.  For those of us whose metabolism works pretty great and are quite regular maybe this post isn’t for you.  But for those whose poop seems like a friend who pops up to say high only a few times, then keep on reading.  Most times often enough unless it’s a serious medical issue, your poop is irregular due to your diet, from one aspect or another. This is a major factor in your life, that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Everyone should be concerned about their regularity no matter how ‘gross’ it is.

The first and simplest method to relieve gastric retention is by increasing your water intake.  Most times we haven’t had even half the necessary intake of water to moisturize our, well, bowels.  If it hurts to pass your poop because of its texture it could be due to a low intake of water.  Yes juices are made of water but they are filled with sugars and other crap so increase your pure H2O intake which should soften the blow.

Another method is to fibre up.  You could be drinking gallons upon gallons of water and still have issues with pooping.  You can increase your fibre intake.  Not so much eating more prunes and dates but by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake.  Add a side salad to some of your meals as roughage, or add fruits for a sweeter palate.  A simple way is adding a smoothie to your diet with all the healthy poop regulating goodness.  If you’re Jamaican or you ever visit Kingston, take a trip to Sovereign Centre in Liguanea and stop at Jamaica Juice and order a fibre up.  It’s not the sweetest smoothie but it’s drinkable and it definitely works.  Yogurts are great for gastric regularity as well, you’ve heard about activia right?  The probiotic filled yogurt is filled with the right bacteria that keeps you regular and your bowels happy.

Now this last step is a last resort because it works pretty quick and it’s not for the faint of heart.  In a glass of water tip a bit of vinegar about a cork full in the water, mix it and drink up.  It’s definitely not a pleasant taste but it kick start and moves the roadblock which was your stubborn poop right out of your system.  It acts as a super aggressive laxative. Speaking of laxatives those are the most common forms of becoming regular. I’m sure they are other ways to get regular. Those were some of the easiest ways to ensure your body’s regularity at home or on the go. Being backed up is the worst, these tips should definitely relieve you. 

DSC_3919 DSC_3911

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope this makes you think about your body and the many ways to stay regular.


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