Summer Essential Style Staple Every Woman Should Own

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One sure fire thing is that summer 2016 is upon us, and even though I live on an island where the only season I know is hot Summer and slightly cool Summer, whenever summer Summer rolls around it’s peak fashion season for fashionistas and lovers alike.  You would think that as an adult Summer months won’t have a major effect on you and your fashion choices but they do.  We find ourselves going out more which brings us more opportunities to dress the many parts.  As with anything in life there are basics and essentials and one Summer essential that can save you from fashion anxiety is the boyfriend jean.

These jeans are so versatile that they are not just a summer essential but they are a wardrobe staple.  Every woman should definitely own a pair, they come in various styles as well to suit the pickiest of dressers.  They are so comfortable and are great for those days where you don’t feel your thinnest and that time of the months bloating pops up (literally). They are great enough to be worn in most circumstances, you can dress them up or you can dress them down.  The best part is that you can dress them however you feel that day or night because you’ll for sure look great. 

I decided to show you how to style a pair moving from day to night.  The jeans in this post are from Bluenotes Canada, they’re right on trend with their high cuff. For this day time look I played of my boyish side but managed to keep it feminine with the silhouette of the fitted top and choker. The bold blacks throughout tied the look together while the crisp white of the Puma print complemented the white sneaks.  I can run around like a busy bee while being comfortable and stylish in this outfit.  A simple accessory change and these jeans are transformed for their night time appearance.   Remember to visit for more styling posts, and to see how I styled them for a more formal outing.  Don’t forget to like, share and comment, who knows you could be helping someone out of a fashion fopaux. 

P.s While shooting these photos I was preoccupied with a secret project that Mr.B and I are working on.  We were so caught up that we ended up with several photos in the same pose.  Instead of having the pics duplicated I chose one to show the full outfit.  We got more pictures of the formal look, I can’t wait to share.



Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope this inspired you to go out and get a pair of these Summer essential style staple jeans. 


Photographs by F. Blake


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