Delpozo-Pre Spring/Summer 2017 Ready to Wear


All I have to say is yes.  Yes to the colours, yes to the shapes, Delpozo yes!  Talk about primary, the colour choices for their ready to wear Spring/Summer are magnificently primary.  They are bold and very mesmerizing.  I can’t get enough.  The dresses were everything but typical, they were beautifully feminine and cohesively unfamiliar.  There were strikingly bold dresses in the beautiful primary shades that were heavily structured and far from boring.  Then there were the delicate masterpieces for the slightly more subdued lady, the colour combination was so romantic in these dresses.  They must be beautiful in all their creations because I don’t go crazy over dresses or gowns but Delpozo did it right.  There was a great mixture of dresses, prints and statement colours.  Each look was captivating non faltering , they all held their own.  The richness of the blue is what sealed the deal for me and also the refreshing explosion of primaries throughout. It’s nice to see a designer not afraid to use colours let alone such bold hues.  Though I personally love the ease of styling black and white I also enjoy the fun of bold colours . Don’t forget to check out my other commentary on previous and future fashion shows.


Images from Delpozo Spring/Summer 2017 



Beautiful yellows


Structured dress












Bold primaries, incredible structure


Fabulous silhouette














Incredible star prints


Bold patterns and strong colours














structured but subtle with pastels


muted tones














Gorgeous colour combination


Contrasting delicate design to the bold structure and brightly coloured dress














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Images from






















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