Priceless with a side of verbal abuse: Working at my first Fashion show

DSC_3927 DSC_3931

I love fashion, I hope that when you see me you can see my love for fashion all over me. I may not be dripping in diamonds or rocking the latest Gucci Dionysus at the moment, but trust me when I say, I love fashion. It’s not the simplicity of styling and wearing the greatests pieces, it’s the intricacies of the entire industry. No one part is loved more by me. It’s like picking your favourite child, everyone knows you love Bobby in the open but Sarah will always be your little princess. That’s how I feel about fashion.  From the person who sources the fabrics to the ateliers that design the garments, down to the models that wear them and the stage hands that direct them, I love every aspect of fashion, and recently I got to be apart of the inner circle.  

When you really love something you will give your all, 217% and that’s how I felt working my first fashion show.  Working backstage I wanted to do everything, even the little jobs like getting a director water, or packing out the station for hair for the models. I was just so happy being in that atmosphere, models lounging around in their slender glory, designers arriving and steaming away, models moving down the assembly line for make-up with the smell of hairspray from the hair station filling the air. I almost couldn’t believe I was backstage seeing the prep first hand. I got to interview the designers for a little thing for the show where they told me about their collection and the inspiration behind their lines. It’s resort wear season and each designer was honestly beautiful. Some were right up my street and others I could for sure get on board with, they came from all over the world to show right here in Jamaica and I was low key in shock the whole time. In an earlier life I wanted to be a designer and if God had kept Martin longer I think my dad and I would have been a great design team #R.I.P

The real fun came at show time. Models had to be rushed out of hair and make-up to get dressed because “The show is running straight. No stops. Get it together everyone!” as they told us. I was pumped, my first real life behind the scenes fashion show. I snuck away to be front of house to help seat guests and watch the show, but I realised that’s not what I want, I wanted the action and rush, the adrenaline of it all. I went backstage and I got what I asked for. We were running with models up and down the stairs, sewing people into clothes, tits were flying , shouts for make-up touch ups roared. It was very high octane and I was right there for all of it. There was a lot of nakedness and a surprising amount of nipple piercings, but it was a lot of fun. I watched the models walk by and helped put them in showing order, designers were asking ME for input, small though, but they still asked. I made good friends with models, designers and stage hands. We were shouted at of course, I am speaking about fashion. Hello the Devil Wears Prada anyone?  I’m kidding, sometimes the bosses have to shout to get out their frustration and fear about the show. I didn’t mind the verbal abuse, my feelings weren’t hurt, I would do it all again. Working backstage was priceless and I can’t wait for the next post bringing you along another fun journey wherever that is. I was amazed that it was just like what you see on t.v #fangirl and I enjoyed every minute of it.



Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope you enjoyed my little introduction to the fashion world, I really lived out my dream. 



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