Styling Boyfriend Jeans

DSC_3749-3DSC_3751 DSC_3752

What I love about this staple piece is the fact that I can dress them down, and be the cool girl in her boyfriend’s or I can dress them up and be the daring girl in jeans.  It’s every womans dream to have the perfect wardrobe where every piece fits the puzzle of her life and matches with all the other items.  The easiest way to achieve the masterpiece wardrobe is to fill it with high quality versatile pieces such as the boyfriend jean.  If you think dressing them up isn’t your style then go ahead and check out how I style boyfriend jeans for running around and for an overall more chilled look.

Obviously I wouldn’t wear these to meet her majesty Queen Elizabeth, God save the Queen , but I would wear this for drinks at a fancy bar or for a multi course meal at a posh restaurant.   I feminized the outfit with this low cut bodysuit with a centre knot.  I chose a  bodysuit instead of a classic top because I wanted the lines very clean, and a bodysuit pulls it of much better.  I threw on a less daring necklace and simplified it with some assumingly barely there heels, hiding them under the cuff of the jeans.  I chose blue instead of a black pair, to both add a pop and to  create a gradient between the rich true denim blues of the jean and the slightly brighter hues of the cross strap.

This outfit was still fun and comfortable, just a bit more put together.  Jeans are a great closet staple and these Bluenote jeans have added great value to my wardrobe.  If low cut bodysuits aren’t for you then pair it with a body hugging top to show off your womanly curves and  beautify it with some chic pieces.  The point is to play of the jeans destructured silhouette with an opposite yet complimentary item such as a figure hugging bodysuit. 

DSC_3869 DSC_3854-2

DSC_3784 DSC_3777  DSC_3899

Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope these post supplied your fix on how to style your boyfriend jeans. 

Photographs by F. Blake


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