Styling my H&M

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I’m in the centre of Kingston Jamaica’s business strip, where high rises kiss the skies and high heels conquer the streets, all I see is corporate.  One doesn’t visit the capitol strip unless there’s business to attend to.  Whether it’s paying your premium or pleading so they won’t cancel your credit cards for late payment.  My favourite type of business is  one that involves my friends where we either catch up over pizza and pasta or we cruise the shops for new fashion pieces to stock our artillery.  On this particular day however my business was a bit more official and less fashion friendzy.  Seeing that I was sorting out business I decided to dress the part, you know, to fit in with the true adults, so no ripped jeans and T-shirts. Who knows, I might meet my future boss because she was mesmerized by outfit.

I always think we should dress the parts we want to play in life.  I for one wants to play the go getter business woman in charge of her life who clearly loves fashion.   I believe we should dress for what we want not for where we are, meaning I am not that great entrepreneurial jet setter just yet.  To pull of my prefered role I went for this super comfortable H&M top.  Hi, I’m Robyn and I love the oversized top trend.  This particular piece has been in the closet for years, I’ve always loved the fit of the top on me and the boyish charm it gives of.  Well I hope it does, it is from the men’s section and it’s actually my brother’s shirt, but I think I appreciate it more than he does.  It’s under the ownership of this Leveridge now ( I think it likes it’s new home =}).  I went for an easy does it feel with effortless style, where each piece is subtle but the overall look is sartorial genius.  I paired this top with white jeans.  Your eyes immediately notice the break in the blue of the top by the thin white pinstripes, they continue to follow the tone to the white pant, it created a form of separated togetherness ( Hello Sex and the City reference).  I added a pair of nude heels cause why not, and some cute fun accessories so that you have something fun to look at after you’ve scoped out my outfit.

Running round New Kingston in this top was… I’m going to say efficient.  It was loose enough and breathable enough to keep me cool from midday sun, and stylish enough to comfort my mental state.  After all the business I did in New Kingston I stopped to get some personal work done, i.e blogging and grabbing a bite to eat. I hope you guys loved my styling of my H&M top. Don’t forget there’s a new post everyday this week and remember to check out the second installment of my Blog Creation Story where I discuss how to choose something to blog about. 

DSC_4276 DSC_4261 DSC_4210 DSC_4270 DSC_4244DSC_1793-2

Thank you so much for stopping by Leveridged Lives. I hope this inspired to to take a look every now and again in the men’s section of your favourite store.

Hope to see you tomorrow. 

Photographs by F. Blake



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