The Jetsons were right! Their home really exists

Guys who knew that a cartoon would be the holder of the crystal ball which is our future.  Everyone knows the classic aesthetic of the Jetsons sitcom, it was set in a futuristic utopia where robots eliminated nannies and traffic was an aerial site with no pesky pedestrians.  Think of our world today, right now in 2016 we have robots cleaning our floors i.e the rumba and we are almost there with hover boards.  I think the creators are on the right track. My statement might be a bit far fetched but I really think the jetsons were right, our world is slowly morphing to fit into their mold.

It might be a few years before robots will be fully able to care for kids and hold conversations, though we are making way -ish.  I mean have you see the movie HER?  I think we’re very close to the lives of the Jetsons, maybe a little further than we’d hope, but one thing is very obvious with the classic sitcom and our world today is that we have the same taste in furniture.  Our interiors are borderline identical.  The show, set in 2062 has an uncanny resemblance to the ‘minimal’ interior style of 2016. Everything devoid of colour, chrome finishes with large open floor concepts and windows to match, you know for that great natural light.  Where was I describing?  A chic cartoon skypad or the chic new penthouse on Park Ave?

The comparison came to me one Sunday while binge watching youtube, as I do. I found my way to Mode on youtube where I watched their video – 100 Years of Home Innovation.  The video, I hope you can tell from the title showed 100 years of inventions that made it into our homes.  In the video they showed replicas of the times interiors, where I must admit I am all about the interior style of the 1920’s, the era of opulence and the 1950’s the gilded age.  The video brought us through the century with each decade more specific and unique to the next, it ended at 2016 in a beautiful high rise home where all I thought was… Isn’t that where the jetsons lived?  It was so funny and interesting to me to see how similar the idea of the future was, to the actuality of our days today. While shows like Futurama and Back to the Future are quite of, except for the self lacing shoes, the Jetson hits the nail on the head when it comes onto interiors.

One thing though, the Jetsons took part in 2062 and we are now in 2016, and if our homes resemble the futuristic skybad so much so now, what will our homes look like in the actual year 2062?  Only time can tell now.  Fun fact I love interior design and I would love and will be one one day even for 2 minutes, it’s my dream.  That’s why I found this topic interesting. I will literally enter a building and stare at the mouldings or the light fixtures they use, don’t get me started on old world pieces.  I hope this post made you smirk or at least smile the way it made me.  Sometimes life gets a bit random, this was definitely one of those times. Hope you have a great day, please like, share and comment your thoughts of our present and our pasts future.


Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives.  Are there any other random topics that get you thinking like this?  I’d love to hear, go ahead and leave a comment.


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