I love the smell of Daisy

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I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs.  His brand was one of the brands that really made me fall in love with fashion and the creative industry.  His mark (dropping puns like crae) is so prominent, I admire anyone so boldly unique.  Some of my first designer fashion pieces are from his label and I was honoured to own something with the label Marc.  A major first that his brand also brought me was my first perfume, ever.  I yearned for so long trying to find the perfect perfume that smelt great without being overwhelming after the second spray and his are just that.

The first time I ever smelled one of his perfumes was when I visited my good friends dorm room where I smelled Daisy Dream and literally fell in love with the scent.  It was beautiful, truly divine.  It was hard for me to find a perfume that I genuinely loved that didn’t make me sick.  My sinuses would react harshly to the strong scents of my friends perfume that I would have to excuse myself whenever they wore it.  But I wanted to be that classy lady with a glorious scent that captivated you as she walked by, so the hunt for the perfect perfume was always on and from the first diffusion of the Daisy Dreams aroma I knew that something from Marc Jacobs was the one.

Mr. B recently went on a family trip where he surprised me with a few gifts to celebrate our anniversary, one of these gifts was presented in a cute black box. Upon a closer look I noticed the font and the text read, in gold, DAISY MARC JACOBS.  I remember earlier while he was on his trip he asked the name of the Jacobs perfume, but I brushed it off because I didn’t expect anything. When he gave it to me he told me he remembered the look on my face when I smelled our friends version.  I was excited to have my own perfume so I can stop stealing my moms L’eu CH and have somewhat of a signature scent of my own.

The packaging is beautiful but really won my heart because it’s mostly black, the borders of white daisies and gold writing adds to its demure elegance.  Playing off the bold look of the  box was the contrasting perfume that is quite sweet in appearance with it’s feminine floral crown of varyingly sized white daisies.  The bottle is in a classic shape that fits to the mold of your hand, perfectly and comfortably, ready to be sprayed.  The overall presentation is immaculate, perfect for blog photos and instagram snaps.

The aroma given off from the first spritz settles gently with your nostrils.  There’s a sense of seduction but class nestled into the scent.  It’s not overwhelming but it is bold and very womanly.   I see a woman who knows she’s sexy and confident with nothing to prove wearing this while leading a meeting or while mingling with like minded achievers.  It is a light scent, a sweet, fresh scent, but it’s strong at the same time, one that will have him gently sniffing your neck pondering that gentle smell.  It’s a beautiful scent that I’m pleased to own.   I’m no perfume connoisseur I simply shared my thoughts on this creation.  If you own any of the Marc fragrances I would love to hear your thoughts. I hoped this helped you  on whether or not you were shopping around for a new scent.

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Thank you for stopping Leveridged Lives. What’s your all time favourite fragrance, leave it in the comments below and don’t forget to like and share.


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