The SIMPLE Products I Use For Acne Free Skin

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There’s no denying that recent generations have become more and more obsessed with regimes. We’ve perfected our new diets,workflow, even our beauty and health has been scheduled. Of all these routines our skin care has gotten intense. Gone are the days of a quick wash after a pimple pop, now only the most elite products grace our skin. Youtube is ridden with skincare  routines on top of skincare routine for all skin types, which go through on a daily atleast 7 products ranging from facial cleansers to toners, creams, tighteners, strobes, Jesus, holy water and Ghandi’s prayer. But the products you use on your skin don’t have to surpass hundreds of dollars and include product lists longer than Webster’s dictionary. In fact they could be working against you. 

I know the feeling you get when something burns or tingles that it means it’s working, when really it means it’s damaging the specific area or it has harsh ingredients which destroy our skin. I recently watched a youtube video speaking about skincare. In it Tani discussed, after visiting her doctor, that the treatments and products she was using was actually damaging her skin not repairing it, leaving her skin dry  and damaged. She then solidified my idea, that simplicity and patients can take you far. Not all the cases of damaged skin results from surface interference in a lot of the cases acne stems from a biological imbalance of some sort, and in that case a specialist should be visited. But often time skin blemishes can be healed with natural simple ingredients and patience. Not because you want your new unicorn hump to disappear by tomorrow noon means you should burn it away. Stay magical for a little while until it diminishes safely.

The Simple products are as the name suggest, simple. I’ve used them in the past and swore by it then, I’m back on track now and wouldn’t dare switching it. The face wash gel is super hydrating and that really helps my skin retain high levels of moisture. I really like to get into my pores with circular motions to really lift away any surface dirt. I cleanse my face every morning and evening, whether I’ve stayed in bed all day or just ran a 5k. Whether you believe it or not there is dirt floating around the air in our homes, cars and not to mention the outdoors. So a brisk walk to the garbage bin and back could potentially be as harmful on your skin as sleeping in your make-up. After a wash I moisturize with the kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser. I pat the product into my skin to help it get into problem areas without pulling and dragging on my face as most people do when they smear their moisturiser on their skin. I also moisturize my decolletage, your neck is one of the first places that aging shows and moisturising helps it retain its youthful bounce and glow. 

The Simple face wash gel and moisturiser are apart of my everyday skincare routine. Once or twice a week for deep cleaning I would steam my face to open up pores which wouldn’t normally be easy to clear out, followed by exfoliation. Simple does have an exfoliant but it’s too gentle and didn’t really do it for me, now I use a hand held brush with a small amount of face wash gel and it works perfectly. If not the hand held brush I would mix in a small amount of baking soda for a deeper clean. My skin feels so smooth after this routine while looking bright and glowy. I normally round it of with the Simple deep cleansing face mask that leaves my skin tight after loosening it up from the steam. I really like these products because of how simple they are, because of how gentle they are. No complexity in my routine, no fuss, no muss.  Using these products got rid of a lot of texture on my face (make-up wearers you know), it brought moisture back and elasticity to my skin. My acne scarring has gone down and the eczema on my face not so prominent. I can easily walk out the door without any make-up and feel confident. I haven’t got the chance to test out the Simple eye cream, let’s face it, dark circles don’t go away with a good wash.  Check out my youtube channel where I demonstrate how I use these products.  



Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives. Not all skin types are equal, not all routines are equal, but sometimes a Simple routine may be the best routine. 


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