Trends are ruining fashion

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hard writing a piece like this without sounding cynical of others opinions or even sounding hypocritical.  I felt the need to write on such a topic to be the voice of understanding for young women and men who are stepping into the fashion world, who mistakenly think they need to dive straight into the deep end.  Listen carefully, you should enter at your own comfort.  I’ve noticed whenever certain fashion big wigs are asked to give their opinions on the latest trends on either, which should go or what they’d like to stay, a large collective replies with a simple ” oh I don’t keep up with the trends.”  These women are still topping the charts of fashion and have had their names engraved in the sartorial history books by believing in personal style and individuality.  As a true fashion lover you must admit that you notice major trends.  I’m sure you can name last seasons “it” bag to this seasons arm candy, and do you know why you can do that without taking a winded thought?  Because they are everywhere.

Trends have left the realm of being something for a specific group to take and make their own, and has developed into a domino effect. One it blogger wears Dior and the reverse button down trend, then they all run and duplicate it until the next trend comes along.  Gone are the days where you picked a trend that fit your style. Now everyone has everything and wears it everywhere.  I can’t scroll through instagram without seeing the Gucci Dionysus or an off the shoulder top.  Every platform I come across has a major player in some major trend that has been replicated  ten times over.  It’s not hard to believe that Gucci struck gold with the Dionysus design and fashion lovers are going mad over it.  I can’t lie, Gucci is very hot right now, but when anyone who has ever felt stylish in their life believes they need to buy every pattern, style and dimension of this bag to stay relevant, quickly leaves a stale taste in my mouth.  I simply see it waaay to much.  The volume of virtual sightings of this bag made it seem like a right of passage for any fashion blogger.  It’s the proverbial fashion statement,  you are a fashion blogger i.e you own a Dionysus.

Trends are a major part of the fashion industry and I would be foolish not to admit that, but the sheer count of recent trends has, in my eyes, muddied the water.  I fell in love with fashion bloggers because they brought their personality to a trend.  The pajama trend was hot minutes ago and each stylish blogger brought their uniqueness to the trend.  Raw hemmed jeans are still a thing and each blogger demonstrated how that trend fit into their closet, if at all.  However, right now it seems like bloggers are trying to fit into  fashion instead of making fashion work for them.  I’ve noticed how trends have been seemingly running fashion, and I know a new fashion mind has probably noticed it too, they might think this is the way to advance in the fashion/ blogging industry when that’s not the case.  It’s as if there’s a formula to becoming a fashion blogger that’s foolproof. If I decided I wanted to be a big fashion blogger I would think to run and buy a statement sleeve top, raw hemmed jeans, a Dior 10 cm pump with a Gucci Dionysus bag, the floral printed one because I’m original and unique.  Trends are acting as the gateway drug to fashion fame. I don’t see personal style anymore, it’s a group of people becoming carbon copies of each other in stylish and trendy clothes. 

I would change my mind but the evidence is there.  When was the last time you’ve seen any blogger in her Chloe Drew purse?  That trend died and a new one took over.  They literally dropped it like a bad habit, well in this case like a stale trend.  This post almost serves as a cry for help, please go back to the good old days. (8)If I could turn back time, to the good old days(8)  I know you know this song it’s everywhere).  Can we go back to the days where fashion was a form of free speech and it didn’t seem like the CD was scratched, because humans were still individuals, even with mass produced fashion.


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Thank you for stopping by Leveridged Lives.  Have you notice the replication in fashion?  How about trends being too trendy?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Illustrations done by me.



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