Every Fashion Girls Love, Distressed Jeans

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has been on the rise since some designer looked at a homeless person and said ” You’re fabulous.”  What is it about holes in our clothing that elevates its style?  I have no clue so sorry if you thought I had the sartorial answers.  I really don’t.  Seriously though, why do distressed jeans and raw hems look so amazing?  Whenever an outfit needs a little sprucing, swap out your tailored, structured piece for some distressed denim and you’ve instantly turned the outfit from possibly average to Watch out! Cool girl coming through, she got holes in her pants and she ain’t afraid to show them. 

So far designers have moved from a little tear on the pocket of a jean, to huge holes that constantly get bigger each time you wear them because your feet keep slipping through #guilty.  Designers are playing with different fabrics and areas as I said before with raw hemmed jeans and uneven hems.  Distressing has moved from your staple skinny to your boyfriends and even your tops.  Have you seen Kanye?  He is the distressed god, fashion praises to you Yeezy.  Nobody does it better, or often.  Though sometimes I have to wonder if he really paid thousands for his shirt or did he find it on the street and gave it a good wash, because his distressing is on level twelve thousand. 

One huge reason why I love the distressed look is that it can bring back old pieces.  Two years ago would you have considered wearing a denim skirt?  I know I wouldn’t.  Jean skirts died in Jamaica a long, long, loooooong time ago and were thought to be extinct.  They were something you would tell your grandkids about.  But now every boutique, designer and fashion house has jean skirts, distressed jean skirts.  Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim West all rocked this look and made it cool again.  I can honestly say denim skirts are coming back and I’m  not mad about it. The distressing funnily enough made it whole again.

A few strategically placed holes in your clothes can really amp up your style.  I love distressed jeans.  I have a pair that are borderline done but no one will know, you might think it’s the trend.  I’m going to be so sad when I actually can’t wear them anymore. They really are my fave. But I don’t discriminate, I love all my distressed denim. These were a fun diy I did years ago, I linked the instructions down below.  What do you think about my distressed boyfriend jeans?  Leave it in the comments and please like share and all those good stuffs.  

Ripped Jeans – DIY (linked here) || Cardigan – Charlotte Russe (old) ||  



Thank You for stopping by Leveridged Lives. What are you waiting for go out and get distressed. 

Photographs by F. Blake


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